What is Normal Blood Sugar? (HIGH Blood Sugar on KETO?!)

In today’s video, weare gonna be talking about what is considered tobe ordinary blood sugar and what that mean for our state. Blood sugar also known as blood glucose is the amount of sugar running our blood at any given time. The mas ever triesto maintain homeostasis and retain blood sugar at a certain level. If blood sugar is too high this can cause negative side effects both short and long-term. And the same travels for ifblood sugar is too low. At the extremes of each spectrum It had been able to result in death and that is why thebody has the capability to both lower and raiseblood sugar as needed. However, poverty-stricken metabolichealth can impair our ability to regulate blood sugar. And this can result in bloodsugar levels remaining hoisted for long periods. When this happens, weare at a greater risk of coronary thrombosis, nervedamage, kidney shatter, seeing expense, and more. Knowing if your bloodsugar is at a health level is important for overallhealth and disease prevention.There’s also a strong correlationbetween your force elevations and your attitude and your blood sugar elevations. So in today’s video, we’re going to talk about what normal blood sugar heights are and why some people haveslightly hoisted blood sugar on a keto diet.( upbeat music) Hey guys, welcome back to my canal. If you’re new here, my name’s Kait. I’m a state instruct and I announce videos on a high-fat nutrientdense way of munching. If you like this video, being given it a thumbs up. Feel free to share andmake sure to subscribe and make sure to followme on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, where I sharenew poles every day. Today’s video is sponsored by Squarespace for everything fromwebsites and online storages to marketing tools and analytics. Squarespace is the all in oneplatform that does it all. Head to squarespace.com/ healthcoachkait to start your free trouble today. We’re gonna start out today talking about what blood sugar isand the key role in the body.Then we will get into whatnormal blood sugar levels are. And we’ll finish off talkingabout why some people find that they have high-flown fastingblood sugar on a keto diet. Blood sugar 101. As we already mentioned, blood sugar is the level of sugar in the blood at a given time. Blood sugar is important because it providesour forms with energy. Well, most tissues inthe body are able to run either perfectly orprimarily on ketones or solid. There are some tissues thatrequire a level of glucose, such as the brain and red blood cells.But where does blood sugar come from? One mode we increase bloodsugar is by eating nutrients rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are broken down by the body into sugar or moreofficially known as glucose and they register the bloodstream. And this is when your blood sugar rises. The excess sugar in your blood can either be used for energy immediately or stored for last-minute. Your body accumulations some of this glucose in your muscle tissues and your liver and the rest will be stored as overweight. When you haven’t eaten for a while and your organization requires some glucose. Some of this accumulated energywill be released back into the bloodstream and yourblood sugar status will rise.The body can also impel glucose without you having to eat anything from non carbohydrate precursors. This process is known as gluconeogenesis and it will kick inany time there’s a need for glucose and noneimmediately available. And this is totally normal process. If we didn’t have the abilityto do this, we would die. So your organization initiating glucoseis nothing to be afraid of. When your blood sugar risesfor any of these reasons your mas has mechanisms in place to create it back down to baseline. So let’s get into what that baseline is. Ordinary blood sugar. Now, in terms of how youcan measure your blood sugar you can always go into your doctor and do a blood evaluation andmeasure it that way.But candidly, at home bloodglucose meters are inexpensive, they’re super easy to use, and they are definitely worth the money. You can buy them at anypharmacy pretty much or online from corporations like Keto-Mojo. And I will link to Keto-Mojo in the description box down below, if you want to check them out. But now let’s get into whatyou should be looking for when you’re measuring your blood sugar. Normal fasting blood sugar. So before you’ve eats anything it’s considered to bebetween 3.9 to 5.6 mmol/ L or 70 to 100 mg/ dL. If your fasting bloodsugar is higher than this that may mean you have pre-diabetes. Although there are some exceptions to this which I will talk aboutlater in the video. Elevations of five. 6 to 6.9 mmol/ L or 100 to one 25 mg/ dL. And you will be consideredto have pre-diabetes and anything above seven mmol/ L or 126 mg/ dL and you will be considered diabetic.One to two hours after a meal, blood sugar under 7.8 mg/ dLis considered to be regular. But I think we need alittle bit more context now because for the average person who dines a great deal of carbohydrates, food, pasta, cereal, et cetera this may be what theyshould aim to stay under. But for someone who iseating a low-spirited carb diet there’s often next to no risein blood sugar after a banquet because very littlecarbohydrates are being eaten. It was necessary to are aware that setting your blood sugar once, one to two hours after a mealdoesn’t tell the full storey. Your blood sugar could have spiked significantly increased before you measured and be coming back down, orit could be raising gradually and still continue toraise after you measure it. It’s not worth stressingover these metrics forever but every once in a while it can be good to check your blood sugar at 30 hour interludes fora few hours after dining. To get a better sense ofhow the meal feigned you and how your form was able to respond.Blood sugar on keto. And now I want to talkabout some alters we see when we eat a low carb ketogenic diet. As I previously mentioned, when we eat low-toned amounts of carbohydrates blood sugar after banquets doesnot spike vastly. Parties who munch a low-pitched carb diet often find their bloodsugar is very stable throughout the day. And along with this, their vigour heights and feeling are also very stable. For those who are diabetic, pre-diabetic or insulin resistant, they find that when they switch to a low carb nutrition, their fasting blood sugar comes back within a healthy array very quickly. And this has been confirmedwith countless clinical tests. One peer review studytested the effectiveness of low-grade carb diets on type 2 diabetes. And they concluded thelow carb ketogenic nutrition improved glycemic verify inpatients with nature 2 diabetes such that diabetesmedications were discontinued or reduced in most participants. Another peer reviewed study concluded while the current treatmentfor type 2 diabetes emphasizes drug medication anda higher carbohydrate diet, the ketogenic nutrition isan effective alternative that relies less on medication.However, for some peoplewho have been eating a ketogenic food for a long period of time their fasting blood sugarcan become hoisted somewhat either in the upper intention of what is considered to be ordinary or in the lower end of what is considered to be pre-diabetes. And undoubtedly thiscauses concern for parties but there is a reason behind it and that’s what we’regonna talk about now.What is happening here is knownas adoptive glucose giving. This is when someone haseaten a low carb diet for an extended period of time and they have become fat adapted. Most of the cells in the body have adapted to run onfatty acids and ketones and therefore they have amuch lower need for glucose. Now, as we spoke aboutearlier, there are some tissues in the body that requireglucose such as the intelligence. So tissues that do not require glucose such as our muscles refuse or save it. And that mode it can be used by the tissues that do requires it. So what outcomes up happening is while when we eat a high carb nutrition there’s lots of glucose available and this glucose is mainlytaken in by our muscles.But now our muscles do not need it, have contributed to slightly elevatedcirculating blood sugar tiers. When someone who is fatty adapted wears a perpetual glucose monitor, which is something we terminated up reading isblood sugar stages highest in the morning and loweringslowly throughout the day with no real increases after snacks. The reason it is highest in the morning is due to somethingcalled the dawn phenomenon which diabetics will be familiar with. The dawn phenomenon is when hormones such as human growth hormone and cortisol are released after the morning and cause the liver to releaseglucose into the bloodstream. This is basically yourbody trying to wake you up. And it happens just before you typically wake up in the morning. And again, this isn’t a bad thing. It’s just your figure trying to do its activity. So if blood sugar levelscan be somewhat heightened on a low-toned carb ketogenic food, how can you know if you’repre-diabetic or not? I’m going to tell youhow in just one second but first I’m going to take a quick moment is to say about today’ssponsors, Squarespace.Squarespace is the absolute easiest way to design and extended your website. Their all in one platform provide services for all of your needs. From email marketing and blogging to online supermarkets and scheduling tools. With beautiful blueprint templatesand unlimited customization It has never been easierto create a website exactly how you want it. No material if you are lookingfor a website builder to run your business or for personal expend, such asa landing page for an event, Squarespace does everything there is. Head to squarespace.com/ healthcoachkait to start your free trialwithout having to enter your credit card details or anything. And when you affection it and decide to launch use code healthcoachkait, tosave 10% off your first order.Thank you again to Squarespacefor sponsoring this video. Pre-diabetes on keto. Now, the thing about pre-diabetes is that it is the samething as insulin resistance and this often croaks overlooked. I won’t get too intoinsulin fight today. I do have several othervideos on the topic which you guys can check out afterwards but mostly, measuring insulin in conjunction withglucose is a better mode to identify how your bodyis handling blood sugar. And if you are at risk oftype 2 diabetes or not. The best path to appraise this is through a Homa-IRtest from medical doctors. This gives your fasting glucoseand insulin into a formula and gives you a number. Less than one is optimal signaling you are notpre-diabetic or insulin resistant.Over 1.9 is pre-diabetic and over 2.9 is diabetic. But regrettably, a lot of physicians do not recognize theimportance of testing insulin and we’ll simply feed testson glucose instead. So if your doctor is notwilling to test your insulin or do a Homa-IR test, I do have another video with some at-homemethods that you can try. Anyways people, that’s allI have for you today.Let me know in thecomments slouse down below what your fasting blood sugar is and if you recognized any deepens when you switched to alow carb ketogenic nutrition. I am really curious to hear your results and also remember to check out Squarespace for all of your website needs. I will make the link to their website in the description box down below. If you guys did experience this video you might also like my video on how to evaluation for insulinresistance at home, you can find that here.If you want to catch upon my most recent upload, you can click here and if not check out my keto diet and one of the purposes of our diet coachingprograms, you click here. Thanks again guys. I’ll see you next time. Bye ..

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