What is Net Carb? – Understanding Net Carbs on Keto Diet with Dr.Berg

hey guys I just wanted to do a immediate video onunderstanding web carbs in relationship to a ketogenic nutrition for those people that are newto it let me just kind of explain what that intends net carbs because naturally we recommend 20 to 50 grams a day of carbohydrate but its net carbs okay not total carbs mostly if you make thetotal carbs minus the fiber and equals the net carbs that simple fiber frequently has truly noresponse with insulin so if there’s in the US and Canada the action they calculate the full amounts of the carbs theywill throw in the fiber so you have to deduct it in other countries in Europe and I make Australiathey separate them out so you don’t have to do this calculation whatever you see is the totalcarb is the net carb but if “youre living in” the US or Canada you need to deduct the fibers to get thenet carb which makes a big difference so let’s take a look let’s say for example you have one cupof any one of these nutrients celery for example the six celery total carbs is 3 grams right notmuch fiber is an issue six so the net carb is one point four grams so it’s one and a halfgrams approximately which is so insignificant that’s never going to be an issue tomato 7 grams – 2.2 grams for the fiber equals four spot eight grams a little more but not too bad hummus 35 gramsof total carbohydrate per cup – 15 grams of fiber equals 20 grams of net carb of course I disbelieve ifyou’re going to exhaust a beaker of hummus but you might but still you you would be within the normalrange of obviously carbon you be used to help a handed day an egg 0.6 grams of total carbs zero fiber equals0. 6 grams a net carb so it’s basically a half a gram that’s hardly its unimportant pineapple2 2 grams of total carbohydrates 2.3 grams of fibre not very much so you’ve got 19 stage 7grams of net carb so always calculate in the net carb not the total carb thanks for watchinghi guys hey listen I appointed a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzesyour symptoms to find the cause the root cause of all of your symptoms the most likely cause sotake the quiz now and we’ll send you a report

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