WHAT HAPPENED WHEN I CHEATED ON KETO?? Quicksilver Scientific Keto Before 6

Hi YouTube friends! Welcome back guys. So we’re doing the part 2. We’re testing this make right here. We were test the keto I hope you can see it we’re testing the KETO BEFORE 6 and we are testing to see if I gobble birthday cake will I still stay in ketosis. If you’re brand-new to my path, thumped the agree button and click that notification buzzer for future videos. Alright, so if you haven’t watched duty 1 of my its consideration of this this complement. Please go back and watch that video. So that this video stimulates smell for you. I’m gonna attach it somewhere up here. I’ll too made a join in the specific characteristics below. So please breather this video and go watch that video first. So that you will understand what I’m talking about. You encountered the fraction 1 that the KETO BEFORE 6 got me into a ketosis really really fast. So stick around and see if I can eat birthday cake and stay in ketosis while taking the KETO BEFORE 6 supplement.So for those of you that are not familiar with me I’ve been on a weight-loss journey and I use intermittent fasting to lose most of my force. So basically I’m a pro right now when it comes to intermittent fasting. I fast every day for 20 hours and I have an even window of 4 hours. So sporadic fasting is not new to me. So when I’ve tested the supplement I started on period 1 of keto. Day one of keto and I did keto along with intermittent fasting. Basically, what I’m saying is is that I’m fasted for 20 hours. Had it an feeing space of four hours and during that keto eating window. I eat merely keto meat. Some of the claims that are being made by the KETO BEFORE 6 which is made by Quicksilver Scientific is that it gets you into ketosis really fast.Also says that you can have chiselled days. You can have carbs at dinner. You could have that birthday cake. You can have the pasta at dinner and it will not kick you out of ketosis. Now that is a game-changer. The busines that sells this recommends that you mostly do keto during the day and occasional fasting during the day and they likewise want you to save your protein for dinner occasion. So they’re requirement you to do keto during the day.So high-fat keto during the day. Go certainly low carbs and it’s saying basically save your carbs for dinner. Save your protein for dinner and you will not be kicked out of ketosis. If you have that cheater birthday cake or the cheater pasta or whatever. I’m sure you’re wondering how I researched the add-on. Alright, so what I did was I had two snacks the working day. I ordinarily merely have the one banquet during that 4-hour munching opening. But I opened up my eating opening the working day because I really wanted to give this this supplement a test. A really good testing to see if the claims were correct. So my first meal was an A& W doubled bacon double patty teenage burger lettuce wrapper no onions.Haha and my second snack which I had at my mother-in-law’s mansion was … we had a Swiss Chalet. So I had a double leg dinner with all the fixin’s. I my surface was a salad. I had the bun as well, and I also had Ranch Dressing as my salad dressing and of course the large-hearted test. Testing thing because even though I did have the bread as carbs that was okay. It was actually the birthday cake that I actually wanted to test. So not only did I have one slice. I actually had two slivers of the birthday cake. I must say this is a crazy day of chewing for me because I don’t commonly eat like that. So this morning when I woke up I wanted to test to see if I was still in ketosis.I was scared. I was provoked all at the same time to see if this thing actually manipulates. So I’m just gonna show a little bit how the keto attaches work for the people that are not familiar. So here it is here … the keto dyes. So basically what we want is we want the hues to be darker and that mostly shows that I’m still in ketosis. Okay, so the last time I measured it demonstrated moderate. I was in the moderate zone. I has the potential to placed like a video here of the last testings so you guys can see I was in moderate zone. So now mostly all that I was hoping for when I did this testing was to see if I was still in ketosis. So I wanted to show color or some sort and not I don’t want it to show negative where there’s no shade that make sense. So so there you have it. You saw this video? I’m still in ketosis as you can see.I kind of slipped back a little bit. So I wasn’t moderate and now I’m back into the the say is says small-scale one point five. But I am still in ketosis. So I make after having all that sugar. I’m yeah, I am still in ketosis. So “theres anything” now … something now. How I made the add-on? Mostly, what you do is you take one teaspoon of it and mostly hold it in your lip for 30 seconds. Then you swallow it. You can switch some spray in your cavity if you like. As for the smell of it as I mentioned in part one of my video.I’m not really a fan of the savour. But for what it does? I’m okay with the savor. It kind of tastes like cough syrup has a citrus sort of flavor to it. So the takeaway is this product. It get to work. It does restrain you in ketosis. From the research results that I just presented you. Part one it got me into ketosis quickly. Those are the two things that I’ve proved. Again two things that proved it got me into ketosis fast and I’ve depict you guys that in part 1 of the video. Number 2 what I simply proved you is that I was in ketosis and it obstructed me in ketosis. Now …. I’m sure that there’s probably some of you guys out there that are saying that the keto attaches are not 100% accurate and you are correct.But I feel that because I’m not a regular keto person I have not been doing keto for years that the learns are okay for me because my torso hasn’t gotten used to keto. But again, if you’re gonna test yourself, yeah, go ahead and and do it test your blood instead of testing your urine if you feel that that’s the way you want to go with it. But this is the way I wanted to test. So do what what works for you. Another takeaway is that yes they told us that. Yes, you could have carbs at night and did prove that. Yes, you could have carbs at night. I did have the birthday cake and I did still stay in ketosis.But I don’t want you guys to buy the supplement and think that you can eat an entire birthday patty or you can go on a binge or that you can eat like a entire tray of lasagna. And that all you have to do is make the augment before you snack and it’s going to keep you into ketosis. I don’t think that is the purpose of why they made this supplement. I believe that it’s made it so that you guys can have flexible with keto. That you could, you know go out and have a beer…have some alcohol and still stay in ketosis, but I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t abuse the supplement.Just don’t insult it. Personally, I feel like if you’re gonna exert a complement. I would go into it realistically and don’t go into it … trying to you know, how like, snacking a thousand carbs at night. Maybe exactly have moderate carbs and become from there. I would suggest to use the supplement to help you get into ketosis faster. I would use it to help you with keto if you feel like you know you were like me and you contended with keto. Use it to assist you with keto so it deters you in fat-burning mode, even when you have those slip-ups. Use it for that intent. I’m certainly going to use it. I’m going to birthday gatherings. I don’t know maybe like take it when you’re going on vacation. You know, you’re going to have slip-ups. If you decide that you’re going to be taking this augment every single day. I have interpreted an interview where the discoverer of such products states that he takes this KETO BEFORE 6. He takes it every day and he has mental clarity on it. He has lost weight on it. He affection it and he does take it every day. I would say that if you do decide to take it every day. Just be realistic with it and I would simply do moderate … Moderate carbs at night. I would also say that if you’re doing keto or even if you’re doing intermittent fasting ., I is certainly give it a try. With IF you may have to kind of play with when you’re eating your carbs and again like I would suggest you leave your carbs for dinnertime and only play with the amount of carbs that you can actually have. I want to say thank you so much to Quicksilver Scientific for making such an shocking make. I’m sure you guys are going to want to know where to buy this product.You can buy it on the doctor vitamin answers website. I will give a join in my description and too a attach in my observations. So that you guys can go purchase it. The cost of it is $ 49 and 61 pennies for a hundred mils. 100 mil bottle and only make sure yep for 100 mil bottle. For a hundred mil bottle and you get 20 doses in the bottle. I have also read on the website. They do have a larger bottle. I think it’s 500 Mills but I’m not a hundred percentage sure of how much that is. So you may wish to really sounds my connection and just go have a look and realize for yourself. Don’t forgotten to set it in the refrigerator as soon as you open it and I genuinely want to know how this add-on works for you guys.Please let me know in the comments. Go out and get yourself some KETO BEFORE 6! Get yourself some KETO BEFORE 6! And as I said, I’m position a tie-in in my description where you can get it and If I have any sort of discount codes, I’ll certainly set it in the description as well for you guys. Yeah, so that’s all I have for you today. Thank you guys so much for watching.Please give this video a thumbs up and share it this video with everyone, you know and of course, of course, of course, I love you guys all extremely very much. Bye! All liberty. Well, thank you guys so much for watching. Please subscribe. Please like. PLEASE share and I want all of you guys to stay happy and be healthy. Bye !.

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