What can you drink on a keto diet?

Which beverages should you drink on a keto diet — 
and which ones should you avoid? Today I’ll tell   you the 3 things you need to know to make the 
best keto drink choices. Plus, I’ll share the   number one keto beverage mistake that you’ll 
want to be sure to avoid. Let’s get into it!
  Hello, I’m Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, CEO of Diet 
Doctor, and today I’ll be talking about keto   beverages. When starting a keto diet, you might 
not know exactly what to drink and what to avoid.   Don’t worry, it’s easy. There are just 
three things that you need to keep in mind:
  Number 1: Water wins. Sometimes the 
simplest option is the best one,   and that’s certainly true when it comes to 
water. Whether you prefer it still or sparkling,   at room temperature or ice-cold, water is 
the ultimate thirst quencher. Zero carbs,   zero calories, and no preparation needed.

Add a sprinkle of salt to your water to   minimize any symptoms of the “keto flu”, such 
as headache or fatigue, which often occur   at the beginning of a keto diet.

Or for a refreshing option,   flavor your water with a lemon or lime wedge, 
which adds only about half a gram of carbs.
  Number 2: Other go-to beverages.

Yes, water 
is the perfect keto drink. But if you want   a bit more flavor, there are several other 
keto-friendly beverages you can enjoy.
  Unsweetened tea and coffee are at the top of 
the list. Feel free to add a small amount of   milk or cream, if you like, whether at home 
or at your favorite coffee house or café.   However, when ordering coffee out, avoid 
lattes, cappuccinos, and especially sweet coffee   and tea drinks like frappuccinos and mochas, which 
are actually high-carb desserts in liquid form.
  Broth or bouillon is also a good beverage 
choice. When broth is made with plenty of salt,   it can help minimize keto flu symptoms. 
Choose chicken, beef, or vegetable stock,   based on your personal preferences.

Finally, is alcohol OK on a keto diet?   The good news is, you can occasionally enjoy dry 
red or white wine or unflavored spirits like gin,   whiskey, or rum. But steer clear of sweet 
wines and drinks mixed with sugary mixers   or fruit juice.

And avoid beer, also known as 
“liquid bread" because it’s so high in carbs.
  Number 3. What about soft drinks? Drinking 
diet soda may be OK for some people, but I   generally don’t recommend it.

While diet sodas are technically “keto”   because they don't have carbs, they can cause 
you to maintain a preference for sweet foods   and beverages. So, you may be best off if you 
learn to enjoy plain, unsweetened drinks.
  My advice is to ditch sodas altogether. But 
if you must have a soft drink occasionally,   choose diet soda. Sugar-sweetened sodas 
are loaded with empty calories and carbs.   In fact, they’re probably the most 
“anti-keto” thing you can drink.
  Let’s do a quick recap. Water is your best 
beverage choice. You can also enjoy plain coffee,   tea, or broth with your meals or any time 
of day. When choosing alcoholic beverages,   stick to dry wine or plain spirits. Avoid regular 
soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages, period.
  Earlier, I promised to let you know the NUMBER ONE 
keto beverage mistake you might be making.

Here   it is: Drinking too much “keto-friendly” alcohol.

One advantage of a keto lifestyle is that it   allows you to consume alcoholic beverages, 
if you make the right choices. However,   if you drink a lot of alcohol, you can run into 
trouble — and it can slow down weight loss.
  Drinking alcoholic beverages can slow down weight 
loss because your body burns alcohol before it   burns carbs, protein, and fat — including 
body fat. Alcohol also tends to increase   your appetite and decrease your inhibitions. 
This may cause you to overeat or make unhealthy   food choices without even realizing it.

So for the best keto results, preferably   limit yourself to a daily maximum of two drinks 
if you’re a man or one drink if you’re a woman.
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Good luck, and I’ll see you in our next video.

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