Weight loss: How to lose fat with your diet – best food to eat

Mac Griffiths is a fitness expert and fully qualified personal trainer. He shares his nutrition, workouts, and training tips with his huge audience, boasting 1M followers on his Instagram account, his TikTok and his YouTube.

He spoke with Express.co.uk to discuss everything about weight loss and fat loss in the year. He was quick to emphasise the point that there is no “secret” or quick trick to weight loss.

However, arming yourself with the right information can help you reach those goals, he explained. Mac told readers: “There are no secrets to fat loss.

“But,” he went on, “The body in itself is a very powerful machine and is very responsive to what we put in it. So, choice of food should be high up on the list when it comes to approaching weight loss.”

Which foods are the best to eat, when it comes to losing weight? Mac said: “I’d advise choosing whole foods instead of fast food. Although fast foods taste nice, they don’t satisfy our satiety levels for very long.

“Whole foods have a higher thermic effect, meaning it takes our bodies longer to extract the energy from those foods to use and they keep us fuller for longer.”

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Super healthy whole foods to add to your diet include:

FruitEggsLean meatsNuts and seedsVegetablesFish and seafoodBrown riceBeans

How much you eat, which Mac refers to as your energy balance, will ultimately impact your weight. The health expert explained: “There’s no special food that will make you lose weight, it’s about energy balance.

“When we look at energy balance, without getting too technical, if your scales are tipped towards less energy consumption and more energy use, you will lose weight.

“How drastically you tip the scale will equate to how quickly the results will start to happen. But at the same time, you need to be careful with a drastic approach as they don’t tend to be sustainable.”

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