Weight loss: Common foods to avoid and achieve ‘rapid weight loss’ with Keto diet

Plain Greek yoghurt and cottage cheese are healthy, high protein foods. 

While they contain some carbs, it is recommended to eat them in moderation on the Keto Diet. 

Several varieties of unsweetened plant-based milks are Keto-friendly, inlcuding soy, almong and coconut milks. 

Vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables are extremely low in carbs. 

Greens also bulk meas without drastically increasing the carb count and herbs such as oregano and rosemary add flavour with almost no carbs. 

Peppers are also appropriate for the Keto Diet and summer squashes such as yellow squash and courgettes are extremely versatile and low in carbs. 

As for high-fat vegetables, avocados and olives are fairly high in fat, contain fibre and are low in net carbs. 

There are several other low carb vegetables that can be eaten on the Keto Diet. 

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