Want To Be Healthy In 2023? Simple Nutrition Trends To Try This Year

New Year’s resolutions often involve changing your nutrition habits in one way or another. There’s nothing wrong with this, except for the fact that most people make them and forget about them, which just leads to failure.

This year, to give you a better shot at the success we’ve put together a list of the top nutrition trends that will likely be important in 2023.

Best Nutrition Trends To Follow This Year

1) Eat more plant-based foods

You can be plant-based just by adding more plants to your diet. “Plant-based eating” is being considered one of the biggest health food trends, and many people are switching to it because it’s a more cost-effective way of eating than most other diets.

Plant-based foods are linked to improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and a healthier weight.

Consuming more of plant-based foods. (Image via Unsplash / Jacopo Maia)

You can reap the benefits of a vegetarian diet without going all the way – just add one or two meatless meals each week and slowly increase your intake.

2) Circadian Fasting

It’s not just about what you eat, but when you eat it. A new trend called “circadian fasting” is gaining traction in the nutrition world as a way to maximize your body’s natural ability to burn fat and build muscle throughout the day.

This type of intermittent fasting involves eating your meals at set times throughout the day, rather than having them all at once or skipping breakfast altogether.

prevents overeating. (Image via Unsplash / Rachael Gorjestani)

The benefits of circadian fasting are numerous: it helps prevent overeating by ensuring that your body is fueled with healthy food for its daily energy needs.

This prevents night-time snacking, and it helps regulate hormones related to hunger and fullness so that you don’t end up eating too much when consuming more calories later in the day (as happens when we skip breakfast).

3) Eat intuitively

Eating disorders behaviors have become increasingly common in recent years, as people seek help for their problems. Intuitive eating, the practice of listening to your body’s needs and eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full, has become…

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