Vlog: Making A Keto Dinner – Pork Loin & Mash EP.1 / Cena Cetogenica – Lomo de Cerdo

so what it do I got a great puppet on the Liz it’s so high-priced[ Music] shoe sport today retro Jordan all-black top of the week sweep picking up some menu before dinner and doing something a little bit different with my diet doing a little bit of Lokar like mini keto so I can stop a entire bunch away I’m going to go back into the console just a manager croak thinking about determining that oh it’s our join don’t referee me but I’m probably going to decide it because and not feel like buying a full head of cauliflower and chopping it up okay this to be a little bit late right I’m gonna leave y’all but don’t justice worker oh you can shoot its the mushrooms get some spice let’s do some rosemary to some time grab some my staple I adore horse chewy you know it’s a little more expensive set a little bit of lubricant myself ginger satisfy one of the best things going to start little parcel finish like a perfume thank you any meal I be considered that in my hamlet I would like boycott you take a little time perhaps hell roaring got a kid date again I inspect good too and I’m sure my t-shirt is barbacoa garment detective based busines in real of tacos here I know parties from California things that they have the best awkward in occasions Mexican but I make Texas was a part of Mexico so we would know I’ll buy about a gallon to stuff a week business count v mineral water to ever bother people want to people ever ask me what type of music do I really really really like my close friends laughing because they know that it’s a good mix but they also know like pin everybody else Maggie they on Hamilton hey homie Oh I listen to hold on step under to the podcast I deserve I was just you know nice music wholesome but every once in a while hey you know barkeep you watchin buddy back here in the Batcave when words of dinner I just really precisely try to keep it simple hitherto flavorful I just like to have at least three different complexions ensures that you’re getting a variety of vitamins and minerals we just stroll you through what I’m doing right now some cauliflower now I introduced my cauliflower florets in now and I’ve got that steaming I’m gonna chop up some these mushrooms chopped up some some red onion I got my pork tenderloin I’m going to construct in a minute still slicing up some of the green right now so I know a lot of beings don’t like to eat for I have not had any problems with pork this is keto so actually I don’t really sentiment the solid now not all solids are equal I understand that if you are then pork is definitely not one of the ones that I would recommend get best from avocado from nuts and grains salmon stem is a great one lamb cottage genuinely adore lamb regardles I got the pork tenderloin it’s really easy to cook it’s going to wash sear it and a little olive oil it’s tossed in a little bit of garlic the main thing is that you don’t want the garlic to burn caramelize the maroon onion and too saute this sprouts well don’t really like mushrooms and I get wise but when you saute that and sprouts begin to absorb the spice is much better than some of the other things that you cook with so when you pierce into it together with the perform of your dish you get a lot of flavor so that’s why love to use sprouts you don’t want it to be sizzling so if you “ve learned that” turn it down you don’t want it to burn concoct this until the onion turn brown next it’s time to cook the protein I had a buddy over here recently and I cooked for him I think it was chicken or maybe it was it was court he said oh worker would you marinate this in said I’m the marinated at all exactly ocean salt and pepper and some garlic pulverize and some onion powder it was really really simple so you know meat in itself is very flavorful so it doesn’t go much don’t let your first banquet be a winner have some dehydrated apricot pork tenderloin with question almonds on top but I get experience for all that you can’t even say all that all right sea salt pepper onion powder and garlic pulverize that’s your go-to right now isn’t she lovely article of onion powder garlic powder a little sea salt and a little pepper that’s literally it you don’t really have to positioned anything else but because this is the fit man cook Jen I’m going to show you how much all to win in your nutrition so about some dehydrated thyme leaves and again I like to use the cool stuff when I’m bake something in the oven you know when you pierce into meat the top layer is kind of crispy with all the seasonings that’s why I like to use some of the cool material because it helps to crisp up just a little bit more simply a little bit more well if it’s massage the seasonings into the meat rub them down rub that meat down and there we have it this is a keto recipe so I’m going to leave the fatty on there because I actually wanted to go fat if you’re very easy to take a knife and shave off that overweight freedom if you notice this is the exact same skillet that I used to saute the onions and and the sprouts and so it’s really important to use a nonstick skillet so that course it doesn’t lodge pork has enough overweight on there and in order to help to lubricate the go so we don’t need to do anything but if you find that it’s persisting all you gotta do is just either increase the heat or pass it a immediate spray and listen over and look at that gear as though you want I’m going to hear this for about two minutes we’re going to settle this entire skillet now into the oven introduced this in there it’s going to be on Broyles we’re going to broil this for about five minutes this is pretty much how I approach to cooking all of my meat I are happy to sear it first on the skillet and then I are happy to employed it into the oven so that method the internal one of the purposes of the protein can cook this is especially important if you buy some of those like big-hearted solid portions of protein heart firstly here on the on the stove and then framed it into the oven we’re going to mush up some cauliflower rosemary is very fragrant missing something to draw with poultry you can never go wrong with rosemary it’s about 1 tablespoon of rosemary let’s check on it you hear that yeah I got a Greek puppet on the lid it’s so sizzling now we’re going to give this a neat tub in its own liquids beautiful they’re right here guy it looks nice mash this up now and you can settled this in the blender but sometimes we’ll never lay in a blender to me it just gets a little bit uh they can get certainly soupy pullin it could be okay smash it up against the walls of the of a bowl save turning it I’m just going to take this and time come in you mash them now it’s taking a little bit of coconut paste from the cans but a tablespoon is just in a paste you can use Greek yogurt if you just wanted to but I mean to use this coconut paste instead to keep it dairy-free you can add some cheese in here at some parmesan if you want to I’m not going to add that lend in this stuff though give this a nice stir look how beautiful this is now only coming together you ever been to a fanciful eatery then you know how much truffle overhead truffle is costly private collection has a truffle duck this is Kroger’s it’s one of their specialty accumulation labels I will put in this cauliflower mince because it’s going to simulate you know having a truffle mash and it’s just inexpensive too this is truffle duck so it savor like truffle but without all the cost oh and this is really good for like appointment light we’re trying to impress they made a little truffle dust in there that will give you the edge of result-based so if they can afford truffle dust you can’t yield fus he could only afford salt but you come in deep in the pocket which buckled up trust me let’s play store is right safe it route the sprouts you just examined the texture of them which too have the composition of the onion you perceive a little bit of garlic but you get a wonderful taste of truffle it’s very creamy because the coconut cream as well it didn’t take much to make a really nice flavorful dinner these are very simple things and I demand you all to take away you don’t have to be a professional chef to do this stuff it’s very easy i shredded up some cabbage a little of cross between some cooked veggies and raw veggies only taken to ensure that I’m getting in a good function of raw veggies per day you you’ve been following me long enough to Instagram and you know that one thing I have liked to do is to sit outside of my balcony and precisely experience lifetime in traffic it were life going on outside of my kitchen feel like I’m a young person but I’ve got a whole person card more old-fashioned working so I’m going to enjoy beautiful dinner that I just made before I log off tonight I truly want to address a very serious concern of mine and it’s something that is really important and I think that needs to be addressed and that is the issue of cyber bullies it’s not okay to body shame or to talk about about beings there are real people behind the camera when I announced my last video a friend of mine JB he saw it and he affixed this photo of me when it yeah it’s funny but cyberbullying is never okay peculiarly when you got the mic “ve been told” that tells a B that it’s never okay to cyberbully what’s on think about my establishment flippin friend which I’ll think about it pretty accurate because I don’t think I look like Chris Rock from from New Jack city if y’all don’t know or if that movie citations from he said I look like Pookie and I think he gapes more like this block thing that I’ve seen which I’ll think about that don’t hype fit me cook homey you know what you don’t see that I do all day I’m going back and forth with some friends about some aim and all we do is rag on one another so find you someone in your life that you could just laugh with an advocate time that’s really important hope it’s all enjoy the video to be expected that you take some good things from it when it is necessary to cooking dinner and merely deterring it simple deterring a flavorful until next time I require L to keep it healthful but of course never ever Roka[ Music]

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