Vivoo 2.0 Smart Urine Test Strips Review – Keto testing & health insights such as hydration, vitamins C and calcium

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Vivoo 2.0 Smart Urine Test Strips Review Rating


Vivoo is very easy to use, and it does provide useful insight into my health that I haven’t been getting from other devices. It is the only product on the market that I am aware of that does this, and it is worth considering even if you are healthy, just to gain some basic insight into your health. However, it is prohibitively expensive if you want to use it regularly.


Easy to use and the only solution on the market offering smart urine analysis
It does provide some useful data, and it is worth trying just for one month

I am a big fan of all things to do with health technology. I used to be very unfit and unhealthy, and using technology has helped me understand my body better and how to improve both my health and fitness performance. I am also getting old, so monitoring various health aspects has become increasingly important.

Over the years, I have reviewed and often continue to use a variety of fitness/sports watches, blood pressure monitors, ECG machines, smart scales, sleep tracking devices, blood testing services, weight loss technology, and meditation technology. I have also reviewed fitness-focused prepped meals and experimented with monitoring my blood glucose levels (using old-fashioned non-smart devices).

Urine analysis is a first for me, but it is not unique in the world of health. Urine strips have been a mainstay of the initial diagnosis for GPs, and many people need to use them on a regular basis for an early warning for pre-existing conditions.

Smart Toilet vs Withings U Scan at CES 2023

At CES, two devices were launched to analyse urine, the Withings U-Scan and the Vivoo smart toilet.

It sounds like both devices do the same thing. The Withings U Scan uses a cartridge-based system, and it goes inside the toilet.

The Vivoo device is actually a toilet seat and can be retrofitted on existing toilets. It keeps most of the hardware outside of the toilet, which could be inconvenient when using the toilet, but less unpleasant when dealing with the test strips. With this, the urine test strip automatically aligns with the urine flow. When you are…

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