US News & World Report

The keto diet was ranked the worst diet for healthy eating by US News and World Report. 
The high-fat, low-carb plan was deemed too restrictive; evidence suggests it may have some benefits. 
Experts say diets that eliminate food groups are risky, including the popular Dukan diet and Whole30. 

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The high-fat, low-carb keto diet was named the worst for healthy eating in 2022, according to the annual diet rankings from US News & World Report.

Every year, US News & World Report convenes a panel of health and nutrition experts to rank popular diets based on factors like overall healthiness, how easy they are to follow, and potential for weight loss and disease prevention. 

The keto diet works by cutting carbs almost entirely, prompting the body to enter a metabolic state called “ketosis” in which it burns fat for energy instead of glucose from carbs, its preferred fuel source. Dieters eat less than 30 grams per day (often measured as net carbs, or total carbohydrates minus fiber), and consume hefty portions of dietary fats, which make up about 70% of the diet. 

Dieters who follow keto say low-carb is a viable strategy for losing weight, boosting energy, and improving health. Some evidence suggests it can be beneficial for some people and is as effective as low-fat for weight loss. 

But nutrition experts have expressed concern…

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