Two Years on Keto

This is not at all a suggestion for whatanyone else should do with their food. I am truly of the ideology that becauseof all of the factors in play, there is no one diet that everyone should follow. This video is just really intendedto document my own experiences and growth through this whole journey and share what i’ve learned about myself. I started keto seriously in2018, and I made a video in 2019 documenting my 1 year on keto. I should have made a two-year ketovideo last year, but it was 2020, so that didn’t happen. So at this quality, I’m kind ofmore like 2.5 years on keto, and the situation has advanced a little. In 2019, focused a lot on my guthealth, and I feel like I made great progress with that, so during 2020, I did a fewfood ventures, mostly involving the endocrine system. I actually started off 2020 withsix months of no caffeine and utterly no sugar, and Ididn’t tell you guys about it, because it was 2020 and completely irrelevant.But I did it, and part ofthat was to reset my hormones and to really de-stress my torso. And at the same time, I actuallyincreased my paunch intake to 200 grams at least per daylight, which is a lot, so I did income some heavines, but I didsuccessfully reset my hormones and got the thumbs up gold star from mygynecologist, it is therefore acted. At the beginning of July, after thatinitial six months, I did see my mothers house and starteddrinking caffeine again in coffee, and I had some dark chocolate, which had carbohydrate in it, and I had some result, which has sugar in it. And then when I came back hereto my own residence, I started trying to incorporate other kinds of carbs, so starchy vegetables, such aspotatoes, sugared potatoes, lily-white rice. Clearly, these thingskicked me out of ketosis, but I wanted to see what the feelings would be – how I would act cravings-wiseto these things, and ultimately to see if they would utter mefeel sick, which they did not.But of course, they did knock me out of ketosis and therefore I didn’t feel as goodas I done so in the prior six months, and unfortunately when I’m not inketosis, it’s much more likely that I am going to eat something that’sgoing to spark sugar lusts, and i would consider myself a sugar admirer. I know that that name is verystrong – I is not expend it delicately. I have had addictive behaviorsaround carbohydrate in the past, so I try to stay abstinent to it, in the same way that an alcoholic would stay abstinent to alcohol, tosuccessfully bypassed it all together. So at that point, I startedgetting lusts and then I’m battling my thirsts formonths – no joke, months. I was going back and forth – mybrain would want specific menus that i knew that my bodywould not respond well to, and it was just a constant battle totry to regain some kind of balance. I got it all under controleventually, but it did make some time and perseverance with myself, andI’m clearly not perfect, so that entire day, I wouldsay I was not in ketosis.It was probably a period of four months. The cool thing though, is thatbecause of that first six months of complete abstinence fromsugar, in the next six months, although I did have some more sugars, while i was eating them, I realizedthat I didn’t really Require them. I would be chewing it because of my garb loop-the-loop, because I wasn’t able to figure outwhat else to do at that point in time, so I would still legislate the attire, but while I was ingesting things, I would say, “Why am I doing this? Idon’t even want to eat this right now.” I was not any more attractedto sugared things, and even now, if I think of – like – a Hershey’s bar, it’s really not appetizing. So I started reading this bookcalled “The Feeling Good Handbook.” I’ve talked about it before, but it actually genuinely facilitates me to kind of work through those details, because it’s mental at that point, rather than something physical. Longings is likely to be both, but for me, I had to learn how to addressmy feelings that I was having.Oftentimes, because of learned behavior and dres, if I was feeling down about something, or birthed, or lazy, or tired, orI felt like I needed a reward, it’s just my dres to go get something sweet, but I needed to figure out howto work through those feelings without reaching for that thing. So it’s taken a little time, and Ifeel like now I’m pretty solid with it. Of track, with time you’ll beable to repeat good behaviors, and that’ll start to burn newneural pathways into your mentality, develop new garbs, and on top of that for me, I found out that complete abstinence fromsugar is probably the best method for me. I will still ingest return, but I don’t necessarilygo out of my acces to get wise into my diet. I’m just not interested in eating desserts anymore. It’s pretty crazy, and Ido feel more competent now of addressing feelings without just going and swarming a entire assortment of carbohydrate on top of them. When I saw my parentshouse in December of 2020, I dine a lot of cheese – so muchcheese that it aroused my sinuses, and my – I think it’s called “eustachiantubes, ” which are from your breast sinuses to your inner ear – and I actually gotan ear quartz that gave me vertigo for like two days.I would stand up in the morningafter being asleep all darknes, I’d stand up and I’d approximately fallover – and I didn’t know what it was. Luckily, my daddy did, and he wasable to teach me something called “the epley maneuver – the epley maneuver.” It removes the crystal in your hearing, which stops the vertigo from happening, with some crazy kind of lyingdown and turn your form this lane and turn your chief this nature. The vertigo went away immediately, and apparently cheese now gives me vertigo. So I think that it would beokay to was engaged in occasionally, but not in mass parts, and it’s something that I don’t really required in my nutrition, so at this target, it’s not a customary occurrencefor me to eat cheese anymore.At the start of 2021, I wasstill putting some heavy cream in my chocolate, and at that point, I realized that every single day, 20 minutes after I would havethat heavy cream in my coffee, I had digestive matters. So, uh, one plus one equals two. Had to stop drinking the heavycream, and everything get better. So apparently there’ssomething in dairy that my form doesn’t like. I don’t know ifit’s whey or casein or lactose; it would be really interestingto take a test at some top and see if they can pinpointexactly what it is, but again, for now, I don’t think it’s worth itto have that happen every day, but if I wanted to indulge formerly in a while, if it was in certain kinds of nutrient that i was eating, i’m not completely opposed to having heavy cream. But it’s definitely a less commonpart of my diet than it used to be. I eat quite simply at this point- some people might say it’s really boring.I is suggested that I loveevery food that I put in my opening, so I don’t see if there’s a problem with it. There is not a ton of variety, butwhat I have pretty much supplies the general nutrients that I need. I do still take a couple ofsupplements, which i’ll demo you, and right now, I exactly have a few remainingkind of “health mystery problems.” I still have these milia under myeyes – I don’t know why I have those.I think it would be good todo some ventures this year and see if there’s some wayto reduce them from come through here. The thing is, it takes a really longtime for them to appear on my face. I’m sure that they are formingmuch farther underneath, so that’s going to take a lot oftime to try to do some experimentations and see if anything can fix that.And of course, I have backproblems because I’m too tall. But beyond that, I really don’thave any kind of physical troubles right now. I’m not on any medication, I don’t have any mental problems right now, so this diet seemsto be working for my form. And now we go; this is whatI eat basically every day. I start my morning with eggs cooked in butter. Sometimes I even contribute more butteron top of this – I’m not joking.Sometimes I contribute two tablespoonsof butter on top of it. Rarely on weekends, I’llmake a more thought breakfast, which mostly is the same thingbut includes bacon and some veggies; sometimes avocado if I have it, maybe some pesto, hot sauce … I have been cherishing thesecoffees: they’re all organic and they are water-processed or sugar-processed decaf. I’ll beverage it either sizzling or frosted with coffeeice cubes so it doesn’t get watered down, and I’ve really been drinking alot of decaf lately exactly because I have such high ketones that Idon’t need the energy from caffeine.And in fact, the stress thatit gives on my body and the sentiments of the cortisol shootingin my brain is just not something that i need – but I still like imbibing coffee. I still experience the experienceof it, so at this moment, this is my compromise. Whenever I’m hungry again, usually around 11 am, I’ll have a salad with light-greens, this very specific dressing, and some kind of meat. If I have an avocado, I’ll add that extremely. This dres is my favoriteat the moment – it’s got a little bit of a kicking to it, whichmakes salads a bit more exciting, and it does have a tiny bit ofhoney in it, so i’m not perfectly devoid of sugar, but this honeydoesn’t seem to spike my glucose after I eat it.Might spike it a little bit, but not any more than normal, and my ketones are still charging, and I don’t get craves from it, which is fascinating. So I don’t know if it’s just becauseit’s honey rather than cane sugar, but at this target, I’m okaywith still snacking this. It’s worth it because it prepares me eat my salads. And these bacon youngsters are superdelicious – they are amazing. They’re from U.S. WellnessMeats. I highly recommend them. I’ll sometimes grab anothercup of chocolate at this phase, or I might grab a chocolate or two. This Raaka brand is really great; the chocolates feel really plush. I placed it at the top of mymouth and just let it defrosted, and all it has in it is cacao andcacao butter – there’s no sugar – so it’s actually not thatgreat if you pierce into it, because it’s a little bit chalky, but it feels like a treat.It feels luxurious. I feelwealthy and rich when I have them. And usually one is enough to make it feel like, “okay, my snack is completeand I don’t have cravings.” My last-place snack is somewhere between1 2 and 3pm – sometimes 3:30 pm – and I’ll cook up some kind of meat likesalmon( or steak, hot dog, sausage ), and a bit of fat and steam some veggies as a surface( often broccoli because I really like broccoli ). Once in a while, I’ll sautsome mushrooms and onions, extremely if I’m having a steak, or I’ll do spices and onions – bell seasonings – if I am snacking sausage, but generally I’m slothful and juststick to the steamed vegetables. Though my ingredients are few, I actually am a lot less strict about when I dine than I used to be. I now only eat when I’m hungry, and I chew as much as I need to. I’m not trying to cut food in anyway, I’m not trying to change my body in any way currently.I just eatas much as I want when I miss it, and usually that means thatI’ll add overweight if I’m more hungry, or I won’t if I’m not hungry. I do like to get a certainamount of protein in every day, so even if I’m not hungry, whenit gets to be about three o’clock, I’ll offset myself at least eat some protein. Not remaining to any kind ofspecific meal days, I study, assistances me to haunt over menu less. I think about food not at all, unless I’m actually hungry, and then I time eat, and then it goes away. But in the meantime, I don’tever have to consider food, and I don’t gave as much weightand speculation on it as I used to, extremely now that I’ve found thefoods that seem to work for me. I’m no longer worried thatthings are going to make me sick. I pretty much know going into it howI’m going to feel formerly i’ve eat it. I do still eat as much grass-fed, pasture-raised, wild-caught, organic trash as possible, but I’m not excellent with it at all.I think that right now, actually, moneyis the thing that’s stopping me. Availability is fine – you can orderstuff online if you don’t have it locally, but it does add up quite quickly. As far as adds-on disappear, I do havenutritional yeast and electrolytes, but I only really use them when I feellike my form is lacking in something, and I do make liver in themornings daily for Vitamin A and Magnesium Glycinatebefore bunked to make up for our American clay deficiencies.I have histamine editions, aka seasonal reactions, and I’ve had these since I was maybe seven years old. I used to take antihistamines twicea year for big chunks of duration, because of the springtime seasonalallergies and the autumn seasonal allergies, but instead of takingantihistamines, I now make thymus, which actually is absolutely wonderful andworks within 10 instants of me making it. For me, this necessitates no more allergyheadaches, aggravated sinuses, stodgy snout, or bloodshot noses, which is great. Thymus helps to regulate DAO, which is diamine oxidase. It’s an enzyme that your figure uses to cleanout the histamine through your kidneys, and sometimes people’s DAO production or offset, with the amount of histamine intheir bodies, is not correct. And hence, sometimes you gotta take it. So thymus is my current mixture, and it seemsto be working and facilitating without hurting.And I say “helping withouthurting” on purpose, because when I did have histamine issuesgrowing up for 21 years of my life, I took Claritin – which I did not know atthe time, because it’s an antihistamine, it’s actually do harm to your gut. Along with that, in eighth point, I tookantibiotics for a while for acne reasons, and I used to make probably 20 ibuprofen a month because of menstrual cramps. That’s a lot of Ibuprofen – but it’s true. I would take it multiple timesa day, and I don’t really have the above issues anymore, which is crazy. In college, I remember wewould have a certain amount of periods allotted to us that wewould not have to come to class, and we wouldn’t have to usea sick day or anything – we could just have – I think it was threedays – where you didn’t have to come to class, and I would ever use those epoches when Iknew that I was going to have major cramping.I would just not go to class, because it was debilitating. All I wanted to do was be inthe fetal posture, and I think that caffeine and carbohydrate probably werethe main culprits of those convulsions for me, because as soon as I actually stoppedincluding those so much in my diet, I haven’t had the above issues. At this phase, I do stillget the hormone fluctuations. I can feel the psychological converts that Ihave – starts about a week beforehand – and I continuing to be get anguish, butit’s not at all debilitating. It’s not nearly as severe as it was. Now it generally previous a date, whereasbefore, it would previous sometimes three or four epoches, and I can just go aboutmy daily life and kind of ignore it. It’s more of an annoying sorenes now, ratherthan a altogether debilitating one. The intellect I believe that it’s sugarand caffeine that did that to me is because when I have sugar, my bloodsugar spikes, therefore my insulin spikes.When I have caffeine, my adrenals shoot out abunch of cortisol, which also spikes blood sugar, but all of your hormones need to bebalanced at some kind of equilibrium, and if I’m stressing outcertain parts of my hormones, then I can’t expect other percentages to stayin sync and abide balanced and settled. I need to exactly – kind of – try tokeep this kind of an stability. There’s no way that you can alwayskeep a perfectly straight line, but just kind of a little bit of a flowto it is what i’m trying to achieve. Seems to be working. I would still like to playaround with mas structure; it merely hasn’t been at the top of my list. I’ve had interesting thing that I wantedto work on and venture with. And I really wanted to make sure that Iwas getting my hormones moderately adjusted before I try our best to do something like recomposition.And I’m not saying that I want to loseweight – I’m saying that I want to exchange some of my solid for more muscle and just get alittle bit of a stronger visual “look” to me. I too would really like to be able todo some physical things, like a chin up – I’ve never done a chin up in my life. And I feel like doing a bit of a bodyrecomposition is very likely stimulate that easier; to be able to do a chin up, and beable to do 50 push-ups in a row, and be able to do a walkinghandstand or something.It’d be fun. Hasn’t been toppriority, but maybe later this year, I’ll be able to get around tocommitting to it … We’ll receive … That’s all i have today. Uh – if you have any questions, let me know, but again, this is just based on MY experience with MY body, so it’s not at all guaranteed or even a question that this would work for you, because mybody is quite different than yours. We’ve had different suffers, we grew up in different places, we’ve had different budgets aroundfood, and we’ve had different nostalgia, remembrances, practices around food, so I unquestionably – again, don’t think thatthis would work for anyone besides me. But perhaps this was helpful in some way. If not, I hope it was atleast entertaining enough.’ till next time![ clink !].

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