Top 5 weight loss fads and trends in 2022

Some diets have historically been more well-liked than others because they promised quick outcomes, which frequently seemed too good to be true. Some were successful because they were published in popular periodicals. Some were effective for some people but absolutely useless for others.

But in today’s social media age, anyone can post their wellness and weight loss success stories, and their recipe and fitness videos can even go viral. This is a novel strategy for increasing diet acceptance, but it also carries significant risks.

So, let’s break down the pros and cons of the trendiest weight loss topics of 2022:

Personalized diet:

Even though the idea of a customised diet is relatively new, it has already gone viral online. Every meal and workout on a personalised diet are chosen particularly for the dieter, taking into account factors like age, present weight, desired weight, dietary preferences, and food allergies. Because this diet is non-restrictive and includes all the food groups on the menu, it is by far the safest option. Instead, nutritionists design a diet plan for you that includes meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

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Keto is not a new player in the game, just like fasting. It is however very widely known. The goal is to replace all of your diet’s carbohydrates with fats. With regular exercise, the body begins to burn fat for energy rather than carbohydrates.

The majority of people’s biggest disadvantage is to say a permanent goodbye to carbohydrates! Due to the high meat content of the keto diet, it is considerably more challenging for vegetarians and vegans to adhere to it.

Intermittent fasting:

Intermittent fasting includes rapid weight loss, detoxification, and the avoidance of several ailments. The 16/8 method, which gives people a window of 8 hours to eat and then 16 hours to fast, is very well-liked. Many people swear by fasting, which has been practised for centuries. Both are professional sportsmen who want to shed a few pounds before a major game and everyday folks who simply want to lose weight…

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