This Player Creates a ‘Minecraft’ Cosmos and Fans Are Impressed About it

A “Minecraft” has recreated the entire cosmos in the game. The whole community was amazed by what they’ve witnessed so far, and even Xbox has run out of words to say for the “blocky” version of the universe.

How Does a ‘Minecraft’ Universe Look Like?

(Photo : u/ChrisDaCow)
A “Minecraft” player showed some glimpses of an entire universe that he made in-game along with a galactical soundtrack.

Oklm juste l’univers recréé dans MINECRAFT en fait (source

— Aypierre (@AypierreMc) October 4, 2022

According to a report by Gamerant, a popular YouTuber who goes by the name ChrisDaCow posted his own creative take of the entire universe, but this time in “Minecraft” style.

On Reddit, the blogger managed to build a stellar display of various celestial bodies in the universe, including the stars, planets, and galaxies. Speaking of the cosmos, we’re talking about its entirety which means that you can even see the nebula, black hole, and other important galactical entities in their “blocky” state.

In his short video, he showed a sneak peek of life outside the Earth. Indeed, coming up with this idea was not an easy task to overcome, especially during the months when he put his effort into the layout and its design.

ChrisDaCow said that it took him two months to recreate the “Minecraft” universe, so this was no joke and just pure hard work on his part. He added that he only used WorldEdit and OptiFine for the whole process and of course, the game itself.

The “Minecraft” blogger continued that he applied the “much easier” option to replicate the Earth in his own universe. Although it was not as accurate as the original, he made sure the colors of the planets were realistic. The coloring process alone took him three days to finish.

After forming the planet in his own space, ChrisDaCow built the solar system along with the Sun. He struggled sculpting Saturn, and it took him one day to finish putting the rings around it.

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Xbox Was Impressed About ChrisDaCow’s ‘Minecraft’…

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