Thinking About Trying the Zone Diet? Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before You Hop on Board

From what you can and can’t eat on it to what the benefits entail, we’ve got you covered.

Among the diet plans that have been trending in recent years is the Zone Diet, right up there with keto and Whole30. This way of eating is generated towards reducing inflammation, slowing down aging, and keeping you properly satiated in between meals. And the lifestyle has been said to help with weight loss, body fat, improving mental clarity and overall wellness. We went straight to the source and asked Zone Diet Creator Dr. Barry Sears to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Zone Diet. Want to go deeper? Check out his latest book, The Resolution Zone, which gives readers an overview on how to help reverse the damage done by past inflammation and promote the ability of the body to repair.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about what the zone diet actually is, how it works, benefits, how to make it easier, and more.

What Is the Zone Diet?

The Zone Diet is an anti-inflammatory diet created by Dr. Sears, a dietary hormone response expert, in 1998. It involves structuring your meals to include a specific balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats, and can be combined with many other traditional dietary programs. The Zone Diet is considered a long-term eating plan, not a quick-fix diet.

“It’s going back to the original Greek root of the word diet, which means way of life,” Sears says.

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Why Is It Called the Zone Diet?

According to Sears, this specific way of eating is geared at keeping inflammation “in a zone” that’s not too high, but not too low. Sears explains that we need some level of inflammation to be able to fight off microbiome invasions and to allow any physical injuries sustained heal. But if we have too much, it begins to attack our body. “So keeping inflammation in that zone is really the key toward treating chronic disease,” he adds.

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How Does the Zone Diet Work?

All you need to do the diet, per Sears, is “one hand, one eye, and one watch.” The first step is to visually balance your plate: one-third should contain a lean protein (no larger than…

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