The Zero fasting app review: is it worth it?

The Zero Fasting app is an IF-focused weight loss app, but does it work? We take a closer look at the product in our Zero Fasting app review.

Are you new to IF and looking for an app to support your fasting journey? The Zero Fasting app provides users with helpful guidance as they begin fasting, but is it worth it? We take a deep dive into the Zero Fasting app in this review to find out.

The Zero Fasting app is a weight loss and weight management app that uses intermittent fasting to support your weight loss journey. It provides users with a place to track their intermittent fasting journey and weight loss progress and offers educational coaching on the health benefits of the intermittent fasting eating schedule.

In our Zero Fasting app review, we’re going to take a look at this app, how it helps you lose weight, how it compares with other health apps, and how much this intermittent fasting app costs. Take a look below to find out more now.


The Zero Fasting app is a health app that supports weight loss using the intermittent fasting method. It comes with custom plans, a weight tracker, a fasting journal, and educational content to help you better understand all the benefits of the intermittent fasting weight management method.


The free trial allows you to try all the features before you buy
Customized fasting plans
Progress tracker to keep you motivated


No recipe inspiration like on other fasting apps
The free version doesn’t offer all fasting plans
Relatively expensive subscription compared to other fasting apps

Better Zero Fasting App Alternatives

Comparison winner: DoFasting

What Is the Zero Fasting App?

Zero Fasting is an intermittent fasting app. It is designed as a space to track your progress and make notes on how your IF and weight management journeys are going. It has enhanced journaling features that support users in keeping detailed progress reports on their diet.

The Zero Fasting app offers customized plans to users. Before you begin using the app, you are asked to answer a…

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