The most popular food and beverage stories of 2022

The food and beverage industry has faced an unprecedented couple of years. From the COVID-19 pandemic, through to supply chain challenges and – today – the energy crisis and war in Ukraine, supply chains and business models have had to show resilience in the face of extreme disruption. Unsurprisingly given this context, stories looking at issues around food safety and security proved popular reading in 2022.

But despite these challenges, innovation has continued to remain front-and-centre of the industry’s thinking. Developments in the fast-paced food tech world continue to push the envelope and scientific advances in our understanding of health and diet expand the boundaries of functional nutrition. Meanwhile, plant-based R&D, the protein debate and broader concerns linked to sustainability – and worries over greenwashing – also continued to dominate our pages.

Join us for a look back at 2022 through the lens of FoodNavigator’s most read and shared stories of the past 12 months.

The protein dilemma: Plant-based versus animal?

Stories examining innovation in plant-based products and new protein sourced remained hot topics in 2022. However, we are increasingly seeing push-back on the assumption that the plant-based category will shape the future of food, with questions being asked about the health and sustainability of animal- and plant-based products. Revisit our top five stories covering plant-based and conventional proteins.

Food tech in focus

Protein is of course one hot topic in the food tech space, where innovative approaches and novel technologies are being developed to answer some of the biggest challenges faced by the food sector and the need to feed a growing global population within finite planetary boundaries. From cell cultured meat, to gene editing, precision fermentation and cellular agriculture, check the R&D that caught your attention as innovators work to reshape the food system.

Sustainable supply chains… and greenwashing fears

Answering the big sustainability challenges remained front-of-mind for FoodNavigator readers in 2022, with issues like plastics and production systems attracting their share of attention. One thing that was…

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