The Best Keto Alternatives For Corn Starch – Tasting Table

Like almond flour, coconut flour works well as a breading and can be used to make a roux. Yet, at 4 net carbohydrates per serving, it too is higher in net carbs than many of the other keto alternatives to cornstarch that you can find on this list. But, bear in mind that you won’t be consuming much of the flour, and fortunately, coconut flour is high in fiber and protein, making it a workable option on a keto diet. As a bonus, coconut flour is high in potassium and iron. Per Healthline, many people nowadays don’t consume enough fiber or potassium, so swapping out coconut flour for cornstarch serves as an extra perk in this sense as well. 

To use coconut flour as a thickener to a sauce, sprinkle it on top of your liquid. Or, to make a roux, mix it with your fat in place of flour. Do remember that, unlike cornstarch, coconut and almond flour might alter the taste of your recipe. In situations where a tropical tilt is needed, coconut flour not only adds the cornstarch-free texture you need but also an equatorial flavor.

Keto Breads

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