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The best diet for your health and happiness is the one that works for you. If a restrictive diet leaves you feeling deprived or is impossible to maintain, you’re more likely to fall off the bandwagon than stick with it. And while many diets are out there, they aren’t one-size-fits-all. With so many eating plans to try, how do you choose?

Dieting shouldn’t be about only losing weight, building muscle or preventing disease. A successful diet improves your health and makes you feel good while enjoying your food. Any diet should nourish the body—even those designed for weight loss.

This article gives you the top 10 diets (backed by science) for your personal health and wellness goals. Our guide will also arm you with tips for choosing the right diet and answer the most common questions about dieting. Now, on to our highest-rated diet plans.

This content is meant to be informative, but should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention or treatment of health problems. Always speak with your doctor before starting any new supplement or exercise regimen.

Our Picks for the Best Diets:

Best Diet for Overall Health: Flexitarian DietBest Diet for Brain Health: MIND Diet Best Diet for Weight Loss: Mayo Clinic DietBest Diet for Diabetes: Mediterranean DietBest Diet for Gut Health: FODMAP DietBest Diet for Heart Health: DASH DietBest Diet for Cholesterol: Vegan DietBest Diet for Cutting: Keto DietBest Diet to Gain Muscle: Paleo Diet

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Best Diet for Overall Health: Flexitarian Diet

With the latest research suggesting that it lowers your risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer, the Flexitarian diet is the best diet for overall health. It’s a semi-vegetarian, or flexible (“flex-”) vegetarian (“-itarian”), way of eating that emphasizes plant and…

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