The Best Cut Of Steak For The Keto Diet

The good news about going keto is that you don’t have to give up steak. Cuts of steak are high in protein and low in calories which makes it a good source of nutrition (via Verywell Fit). But different parts of the animal vary in levels of fat, and for a keto diet, you want the most marbled cut you can get. Stylerail explains that there are quite a few juicy steaks you can choose to eat. Skirt steak is great because it is rich in flavor, while chuck steak is affordable and has layers of fat; strip steak, aka the New York strip steak, is also a good choice, but honestly, the best cut for those eating keto is the ribeye.

The ribeye is the fattiest cut of steak you can possibly choose, according to Steak Revolution, containing about 37.6g of fat and 15g of saturated fats. So, Perfect Keto suggests that if you’re going out for dinner, order a ribeye and make sure to have a side of greens and you’ll have an amazing and heartening keto meal.

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