The 8 Most Unhealthy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make

We all know the statistics about how many people set New Year’s resolutions, only to never achieve them. Yet, year after year something about a fresh start entices us to still set new goals and try again. Perhaps our inability to consistently follow through on New Year’s resolutions is because we let our ambitions get the better of us by setting the bar too high or being too rigid and unrealistic with our expectations. Whatever the case, choosing something that’s either hyper-limiting or totally unattainable can be a recipe for picking an unhealthy New Year’s resolution.

Unhealthy New Year’s resolutions often include making extreme diet changes, drastically cutting calories, fixating on a number on the scale, and many more. One major sign that you’ve chosen an unhealthy New Year’s resolution is that it can feel like a drastic departure from your existing lifestyle once you begin proactively incorporating steps toward making this goal a tangible reality into your daily routine. While it is exciting to think about how much could change in a year, experts agree that you should start small when changing habits for your health.

“Make sure that any changes you undertake in the pursuit of weight loss are behaviors you can realistically continue long-term. Otherwise, you can find yourself caught up in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and weight cycling, which actually leads to worse health outcomes,” Alissa Palladino MS, RDN, LD, CPT, tells Eat This, Not That!

Although many New Year’s resolutions might seem doomed from the start, this does not always have to be the case. Plenty of people have been able to successfully stick to their goals and follow through with these personal commitments set at the top of each new year. To find out more about how to best avoid making an unhealthy New Year’s resolution, we sought the advice of a few nutrition experts. Using these tips, you can ensure that you set healthy, smart, realistic goals that have a better chance of coming to fruition in 2023.

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