Thai Man Loses 10kg After Wife Promises Him A PS5 If He Could Do So

Thai Man Loses 10kg After Wife Promises PS5, Shares Tips Online

Ever since the PlayStation 5’s (PS5) release in 2020, the gaming console has become a prized target and aspiration for fans worldwide.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and supply issues, the product ended up being expensive and difficult to find in stores.

For that reason, obtaining one became a challenging endeavour. For a Thai man, his pursuit entailed a diet plan to lose a substantial 10kg.

Thai man loses 10kg after wife challenges him

On 18 Oct, Prab Laoharojanaphan took to Facebook to share how his wife challenged him to shed 10kg.

Source: Prab Laoharojanaphan on Facebook

If he was successful in losing weight, she would reward him with a brand-new PS5.

As it turns out, he managed to lose the weight in just four months, even posting a before and after transformation with a PS5 superimposed on his hand.

Source: Prab Laoharojanaphan on Facebook

In the post, Prab shared a detailed strategy for those who are keen to emulate his achievement.

Shares weight loss strategy online

A large part of Prab’s plan comprised intermittent fasting, which he broke down into a specific routine.

“Start from 16-8, then gradually reduce meal timing to 18-6 and 20-4 respectively,” he wrote. He now alternates between 20-4 on one day and just one meal a day the following day.

For exercise, Prab suggests cardio and strength training, switching between both for good measure.

Next, he recommends an 80% keto diet with 20% treats, telling readers to “cherish the moments when dining out with friends or other special occasions.”

Finally, he emphasised reading the book ‘The Obesity Code – Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss’ by Dr Jason Fung.

“We need a certain knowledge to understand complex causes of obesity and use that knowledge to create a strategy that fits our own body and lifestyle,” he says.

Hopes he gets his well-deserved PS5

Props to Prab for his resilience in achieving the goal. Hopefully, his wife keeps up her end of the agreement and gets him a PS5.

Those who may still be yearning for a PS5 can consider drawing up such an agreement with your family or significant others.

Even if you…

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