Thai Green Curry | Jamie Oliver

guys we’re gonna move Thai lettuce curry “thats one” of my favourite curries it’s delicious smell fun to make and it’s so fast my family love it we’re gonna go one cup of rice that’s enough for 4 people and then 2 beakers of sea this is the perfect equation for the excellent fluffy rice no mucking about ok a tinge of salt lid on top medium heat happy days I’ve situated another pan on a medium heat that’s coming sizzling we’re gonna make a paste peel a thumb-sized piece of ginger articulated this in with your rice and that then smell is your rice so we’re going to go in with your digit sizing my thumb not your digit right family size piece of ginger in to the food processor then we’re gonna go in with the lemongrass now I need to spank it I just take the top part off because that’s tough and then this part I’m just gonna break that up and positioned that in 4 cloves of garlic and then 6 needles of kaffir lime a pinch of cumin beautiful little green chilies here out with the grains I’m gonna go for 3 2 shallots a nice cluster of coriander so it couldn’t be any easier right only bung it in then a tablespoon of Grand Isle into the pan it’s fairly hot I’m gonna go in with 750 grams of chicken likewise the chicken 5 is tastier more moist and it’s cheaper so we’ll fry this off 8 minutes in a hot hot wash in the settle markets today you can get a whole bunch of different mushrooms we’ve got no keys king oysters here but you get those little mingled parcel of Asian oriental mushrooms fourth some we can leave these whole and just undermine them up into little chunks inspect how astonishing that is so I’m just gonna push the chicken to one side and then I’m going to go in with the sprouts loads of composition loadings of different shapes and that can suck up some of the lovely overweight that’s coming out of that chicken as well these little fragile sprouts here I’ll situate those working in precisely at the end because if you overcook them you’ll just go too soft now we’ve got some nice color on the chicken and the mushroom I’m now gonna go in with a paste savory fast cooking I like this I like this a lot directly in with the coconut milk and I’m using a coconut milk that’s glowing simply to sort of keep the SAP flabs in check add only a little of water so give that a little shake now in with the munch – now we know that exclusively needs 2 minutes to cook so that’s kind of your timer now of course you could use any other seasonal dark-greens have fun with it make it your own now now let’s come to the cook these little fragile mushrooms now go in 2 teaspoons of fish sauce goes in 1 and 1/2 lime with the Thai basil merely on the top I’ll provoke that through at the last minute wooden bowl for the rice wooden bowl for the Thai light-green curry you’ve kind of went like ginger tea imparted rice take out the ginger and then we used to use a forking merely to scuff up that rice because what we want is glowing fluffy rice now my friends is our curry balanced with lime and the seasoning from the fish sauce finish it with some herbs what a wonderful dish more colds chaps more chilies you know it’s lovely to see little pops of color Thai dark-green curry cooked in the time that it took to cook some basmati rice look at that so let’s have a little go very good you know went that wonderful talk tropical spice like really really perfumed of course you could swap the chicken out for tofu rise vegetarian big up more veg you could swap you know the tofu chicken out for prawns really really good and there you go people Thai dark-green curry Jamie style really really nice if you miss the recipe click on the details below and if you want a cocktail to go with this then go over to imbibes tube and see my friend dear Adan where we did an epic mojito Thai style click up there on the eye box until next time chaps take care lots of desire bye you

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