Testing Demonstration with the Keto-Mojo GK+ Blood Glucose & Ketone Meter

mr mojo here and we’re going to take you through a testing demonstration with your gk plus keto mojo meter firstly prepare your information we’ve got our rhythm our glucose row our ketone rows our lancet maneuver and one used lancet and we’re going to do this with a booze pad to prepare the area or you can wash your hands at home to get them nice and clean-living so here we go we’re going to wash my area first get that ready the reason why i do this first is i want the alcohol to cool off whilst i’m ready my other information i’m going to prepare my lancet machine i’m going to open up the top region the lancet in quirk off the ceiling and save that for later plaza the lancet in like so set it to my degree which is three for me and i’m going to open up my glucose divest by precisely rupturing the deprive like so i’m drawing off the deprive like that but that “re ready for” last-minute reform and opening up my ketone divest like so pulling out the airstrip and going that ready like so now we pull back on the manipulate rectified it in position fire just like that you can gently massage you’ll see it’s just coming up there nearly on its own and you have a lovely little test like that so with the first droplet you want to wipe that away because that has interstitial fluid into it and it’s usually the second that comes on up and you are eligible to gently massage that so you can have a bead you know roughly about the size of half a matchstick pate like that is perfect then we will place our glucose piece in the rhythm and they will have the droplet icon flashing and with the super swallow it will time suck up the top like that and within five seconds we will get our glucose measurement excellent a little bit promoted 92 but i’ll take that use a hygienic ejector to expel it apart and then we will place our ketone estimation in there it will automatically recognize it the dropper icon is flashing and then exercising the supersip engineering we will sip off the top like so and in 10 seconds we will have our management 2.5 really nice on the ketones now that you’ve accomplished your evaluation you can dispose of the airstrip i make my sharplies container like this and i use the injector on the back there to move it out nice and easy and now i want to make sure that i safely dispose of my sharp-witted i open up the top i use the ejector here on the side to fetch it out i save it like so and place it in my shop’s receptacle and now we’ve ended our assessment

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