Studies Suggest Adding Ketone D-BHB Might Help Reverse “Covid Brain Fog”

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Washington, DC — (ReleaseWire) — 12/06/2022 — Studies suggest Ketone D-BHB Might Help Reverse “Covid Brain Fog”

D-BHB Supports Brain Health, in Combating the Condition: Adherence is key

WASHINGTON, DC, December 6, 2022 – One of the typical adverse effects of Long Covid, Brain Fog might linger even months after infection. Two to three months after Covid infection, 20-30% of people may have Brain Fog, according to recent scientific research from the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

People recuperating from Covid frequently have memory and concentration issues in addition to weariness, loss of smell, muscle aches and shortness of breath. Although it is a common term among patients, Brain Fog, itself, is not a recognized medical condition. For those who experience it, however, Brain Fog impacts quality of life.

Kenetik, a functional beverage produced by VitaNav Inc., has the equivalent ketone power as 10g of ketone ester, the appropriate amount of ketones that may help those looking to stay on ketone esters as an additional tool to help clear “covid brain fog”, in addition to its proven value as a functional beverage. Research using ketone esters and salts has revealed the potential of the ketone D-BHB to support brain health and for treatment of chronic metabolic conditions such as diabetes and dementia.

Up to 80% of individuals with Long Covid also have the same. Recent studies theorize that Covid may generate substantial and chronic inflammation in the brain that dysregulates brain cells and would be predicted to contribute to cognitive impairment, even though the specific cause is unclear.

Ketogenic diets allow the body to produce ketones, while supplements like Kenetik introduce them directly into the body. Ketones are molecular signaling bodies that influence gene expression. The gene expression they provide can improve the expression of brain energy in hypometabolic (low energy use) structures, reduce neuroinflammation and oxidative stress, and improve neurotransmitter balance. While that is not a cure, these effects could reduce the fog.

The trouble is that ketogenic diets…

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