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Transcriber: Marta GyselReviewer: Carlo Schiatti Navy SEAL divers are the bestat what they do. But they have a problem that restrictions their abilityto do their duty. Our research focusedon solving the problem and it led to an unexpectedpath of disclosure for neurological diseases and cancer. The question resultsfrom the specialized equipment that the Navy SEAL divers use, including the oxygen rebreather.The advantage of the rebreatheris that there are no bubbles so it’s very quiet and helps the SEALevade detection from the opponent. The harm of the oxygen rebreather is that the high levels of oxygen and the pressurefrom the undersea environment generates a potential for a seizure. These convulsions occurwith little or no warning and there is no effectivemitigation strategy to prevent them. So the issues to we expect iswhy do the seizures arise and how can we prevent them. To answer this question required funding from the Office of Naval Research to develop a microscope that was installed inside a hyperbaric chamber, or a high-pressure chamber. This cavity could simulatethe underwater environment and the pressureof the underwater environment. Using this technology we demonstratedthat neurons in the brain, when subjected to high pressureand high oxygen, are overstimulated. The overstimulation of the brain from the high oxygen and pressure induces a decreasein brain energy metabolism. When this happens, it causes the potential for a seizure.These oxygen convulsions occurwith little or no warning and there is no effective wayto prevent them. These drug resistant convulsions are similar to epilepsy cases that have dose resistant seizures, and in the case of vehicles of cases they can use a special dietto prevent these convulsions. One instance of the patientwho exercised diet is Mike Dancer. Mike expended a variety of antiseizuremedication, and the prescription causedsevere side effects and was not able to control his seizures.So, due to the severe side effects Mike stoppedall the antiseizure medication and when he did it, he saw an increase in his seizure frequency. At about this time Mike discovered there was is a dietary intervention, that he could use to control his convulsions. And when he did it, “hes found” a sharp declined by his seizure frequency. I’m happy to say that Mikehas been on the diet for 5 years now, and he’s been finagling his epilepsy for 5 years without medication. So what is the ketogenic food? Compared to a normal food, the ketogenic dietis very low in carbohydrates and it’s very high in fatty. People have worked the nutrition for years to support their efforts to regulate their body weight, increase their body weight, and control or reducetheir blood glucose levels levels.But most importantly, the ketogenic nutrition is provento control convulsions, when stimulants disappoint. No formation has done moreto educate the public about therapeutic potentialof the ketogenic nutrition than The Charlie Foundation started by Hollywood producerJim Abrahams. Jim’s son Charliewas stricken with seizures. They were so severe and no sum of drugs could help him. So Jim looked into alternative comings to manage his son’s convulsions. And with his study he have found that the ketogenic diet was being used at Johns Hopkins Hospital, so it was a treatment that was used precisely for pediatric epilepsy. So Jim made Charlieto Johns Hopkins Hospital and they operated pretty closelywith a dietician there, and within a short amount of hour Charlie’s seizures were under control. And Charlie was actuallycured of his epilepsy at Johns Hopkins Hospital with the use of the ketogenic food. So Charlie is actually off the dietcompletely today, and he remains seizure-free. The ketogenic food is effective for a variety of neurological disorders including Glucose TransporterType 1 Deficiency Syndrome.Children with this disorder lack the ability to transportglucose into the brain. So their brains are literallystarved of glucose and this causes a potential for seizures. So it’s known that, you know, the ability can use glucoseas the primary fuel, but it can readily adaptto using ketones for energy. So in this way the brainis like a hybrid engine, right? So it utilizes glucose as the primary fuel but during periodsof limited glucose accessibility the intelligence can readily adapt to using this alternative fuel source. So we are exploitingthe neuroprotective the consequences of ketones by developing ketone supplementsfor the Navy SEAL divers for oxygen seizures. So the advantageof the ketone supplement is that you can circumventthe is essential for the dietary restriction that’s required to elevate and sustain blood levels of ketones.There are many therapeuticapplications of ketones because virtually all health cadres in a body can use ketones for fuelas an alternative energy source. Surprisingly, cancer cellslack the ability to transition from applying glucose for fuelto using ketones. So, in a manner that was, cancer cells are likedamaged hybrid machines. They use large amounts of glucose much more than health cells, and they lack this abilityto transition over to an alternative fuel source.So we can say that “sugar addiction” is really the Achilles heelof cancer cells. This statement induced me in the laboratories, and I asked me, I wondered, why very little attentionwas being given to nutrition to exploit this weakness of cancer cells. So, it turns out that the carbohydrate craving was actually observed over 80 years agoby Otto Warburg. So, Otto Warburg did experiments, he triumphed a Nobel prizefor these experimentations, has indicated that[ cancer] cellsare shattered in their metabolism and the damage in their metabolism decisions in high sums of sugar uptake. More recently, Thomas Seyfriedfrom Boston College has been a pioneer, certainly, in validating Warburg’s hypothesis and proving that canceris a metabolic infection. In Tom’s experimentations, he demonstrated that there is a specific, metabolic flaw of cancer cellsas glucose reliance, and that we can target that with a variety of non-toxicalternative approaches. Oncologists target this weaknessin cancer cadres, which is excess glucose consumption, with something called a FGD-PET Scan. The PET Scan actually shows the excess consumptionof glucose in cancer cadres relative to the healthy tissuessurrounding it.So this allows for the imagingof excess glucose consumption that oncologists use. But the information collected really isn’t used to exploit the cancerfor a therapy modality. The excess glucose consumptionof cancer cadres allows them to thrive and proliferate in a low-grade oxygen environment. Another interesting observationthat we obligated in the lab is that high pressures of oxygen are actually damaging to cancer cells. We’ve shows that when high levels of oxygenare given to cancer cells that they overproduceoxygen free radicals, and these are damagingto the cell membrane.At high-pitched magnification we can observe bumps on the surface area of the tissue that are indicative of membrane damage. What’s most interesting isthat the same level of oxygen that damaged the cancer cadres was non-toxic to the healthful psyche cadres. These observances invigorated us to test the combination of the ketogenic dietand hyperbaric oxygen in a mouse simulate of metastatic cancer. The shine fields on the screen, reveal the emergence and the spread of metastatic cancer cadres. This study demonstratedthe therapeutic efficacy of a new , non-toxic, alternative approach to cancer handling. So what started outas a Navy SEAL job and then led to a promisingmitigation policy for the oxygen convulsions in the form of ketone augments ultimately headed us down a path to this unexpected discovery.So the question is, can we manage cancerwith non-toxic approaches? I believe that we can. And I’ve been inspired by a number of seizure patientsand cancer patients that have exerted these alternative methods to manage their incurable infections. Future therapies and preventionof countless illness may fall back on the ancientwisdom of Hippocrates, where reference is said, “Let food be thy medicine.” Thank you.( Applause ).

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