Spectacular Lives Coaching Gets People More Results in Less Time and With Less Effort Than Ever Thought Possible

Coaching is much more than just a method for creating effective plans. It enables anyone to sharpen their focus, makes sure that all of their plans and objectives are in line with one another, and motivates them to focus on crucial success aspects. As a result, they will start to fulfill their dreams with an actionable plan that can be measured. 

“I believe in you and your capacity to transform your life, health, and business,” says goal achievement coach, Mike Harrison. For change to be sustainable, clarity and focused methods are needed. That’s when he steps in and uses his own coaching viewpoint to help pave the road. Instead of giving instructions, he asks questions to elicit ideas and holds you responsible for achieving your objectives. Since 2005, he has coached more than 2000 people! “I’m here to help you now so that you can own your strengths and walk in your power. I’ve aided clients in making minor adjustments, significant adjustments, significant shifts, and everything in between during the past 18 years. I may assist you in fully overhauling many aspects of your life or business, streamlining your operations, gaining insight and clarity, or just navigating life.” Mike says further.

“Mike and I met for our first coaching session in December of 2005, and I opened the doors to my store less than a year later! How amazing is that?!” Tonya M. Christiansen, owner of Must Love Dogs Boutique and Spa says about the service she got from Spectacular Lives, LLC.  

Spectacular Lives Coaching has coaching services for your life, health, and also the business. In life coaching, one-to-one and group coaching are available. Mastery Coaching Sessions, Exploring and Dream-weaving Sessions, and Goal and Strategy Sessions Packages are also available. In Health Coaching, portion controlled meal plans are available, as well as navigational coaching for the nutrition plan you choose: Intermittent fasting, Keto-diet, and The Transformational Habits of the Health System.. In the category of Business Coaching, Referral Systems Coaching, Business Growth Coaching Sessions, and Spectacular Team Strategic events are available.   

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