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Hey! It’s time for another ice creamreview. This time it’s another flavor from Slim Twin, Mint Chip. And I also have a giveaway coming up in this video, so stay there! Hey guys! Welcome to A.D. Keto. My name is Aaron. This is the channel where you can watch a peculiar dad do the ketogenic diet.I do some keto concoction evaluations, I do some keto recipes, I dosome keto food blogs. If this is your first time now, please considersubscribing, and if you do, be sure to click the buzzer icon, so you get anotification whenever I upload brand-new material. So guys, Slim Twin is the newest kid on the block. It’s a low-pitched carb wrinkle of icecreams from mother busines Three Twins, And this material is really good. I did areview of their coffee flavor a few weeks ago, which I thought was delightful. And went back to the store, grabbed a pint of cardamom. That review’s up now as well, and it was mind-blowing. Blew my socks off my feet, out the door, down wall street, into a sewer drainage, never to be seen again. My poor socks. But that ice cream was so good that I contacted them and I said, “Hey, is there any space that you guys might be able to send me some code orsomething to give to my customers? ” And they said yes! So stick around to the end of the video.I have a special giveaway from Slim Twin coming up. But first, I’mgonna review this flavor, Mint Chip. As always, I’m gonna break it down into…that … it kind of matches my branding, here! Isn’t that wild? So like all reviews of ice cream, I’m gonna break it down into three areas: The first part is the texture. What’s it feellike? I have given this kind of sit on the counter for a while. It’s been about 20 minutes since I took it out of the freezer. Hopefully the quality will be good. Then I talk about the flavor. What’s it tastelike, based on my possibilities, and compared to other labels of the same flavor? This is mint chip. You know, I have a couple otherbrands of ice cream that I’m familiar with — there’s a Halo Top Mint Chip thatis pretty good — well let’s see how this loads up against that.And then the last part I talk about is the carbs. What’s the carb situation? Can I ingest this whole pint if I was necessary to? If I’ve had…You know, a good day with mycarbs, could I apply this whole thing apart? So let’s get into it.This is Mint Chipfrom Slim Twin and again, I like the container now. It’s got a more of aplastic lid. Seems more more sturdy and … There’s your person. Mint Chip. You know what? I forgot a spoon. Hang on. All privilege. How did I forget a spoon? Was I just gonnalike … yeah, poke it out of here? Spoon begotten. So let’s take a dig in, and see how the quality is. Mm hmm. Interesting. Not too bad. Came up in sort of…uh, chunks. Here’s the thing about the texture.Again, it’s gonna get better the longer you leave it out. This, uponscraping my spoonful across the top now, looked like it was dry and chalky, but assoon as I chew it, there’s nothing to worry about, there. It various kinds of is smootherthan it looks, at least those few morsels were. Now as to the taste — this tastesmore like a York Peppermint Patty than any of the other kind of mint chipflavors I’ve had, particularly the Halo Top Mint Chip that doesn’t really tastelike batch chip to me. This is definitely more mint than chipping, but there are somenice-looking chippings in there, accompany? Yeah, I’m diggin’ it. Again, maybe another five orten minutes left on the counter to sort of soften up time a touch more.So composition is pretty good, even if it’s not ideal more. Let me read you thenutrition information, here. Serving size is 1/2 goblet, so ya went … always four servingsper container with these people. 60 calories, 2 grams of solid, 6 grams ofprotein. Carbs: 11 total carbs, 3 dietary fiber, 3 carbohydrate booze. So that’s five netcarbs per serving. 20 net carbs in this entire pint. That is pretty darn good, soif you’ve had a zero carb day, even if you’re being certainly, truly strict andwanted to keep it to 20 grams or under of net carbs, you could have this entirepint. Um, let me ensure what this says: “Slim Twin by Three Twins. You might feel a little devilish diving spoon firstly into a pint of Slim Twin, but you shouldn’t. Slim Twinis accidentally creamy and full of flavor…” Have I once read this, on oneof the other evaluates? I can’t remember.”…but without any shame, weighing in atonly 240 calories for an entire pint, stacked with 24 grams of protein andcertified organic, Slim Twin Mint Chip is spoken that. Specific to … specific duplicate to Mint Chip. “Enjoy and indulge, NeilGottlieb, founding twin.” And I contemplate Neil Gottlieb it was on Survivor, or something? I never certainly watched Survivor, but I think he was a contestant on one ofthose … you are familiar with, stranded-on-an-island demo. At any proportion, that’s my review ofSlim Twin. I adore this symbol. Flavor, quality, and and carbs are right on pointfor me. Merely available at Whole Foods as of right now, which generates me to mygiveaway! I’m glad you lodged around this long, and I’m gonna give you the details.So like I said, I went in touch with these chaps, and said, “Hey, I really like thisstuff. Is there any room I could get like, maybe a coupon code, or like some sort of promotion to give to my readers, or sees? ” And they said, “Yes, absolutely.” and they communicate me a free ticket. Slim Twin – One free…One free Slim Twin pint certificate. Not simply did they route me this, but they route me NINE more of them. They … I have 10 of these chaps right here. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna run this giveaway similar to the way I extend the KetoKrate giveaways that I do every month. All youhave to do to be entered to win one of these is to leave a comment in this video, and be a subscriber.And today is Tuesday April1 7th. Next Wednesday, April 25 th, I repute I’mgonna … do the trace for these. I’m gonna draw … I’m gonna take all of the usernamesthat left statements down below, framed them in a Google spreadsheet, and use a random crowd generator. And I will pull ten appoints and each of those ten identifies willreceive one of these guys. And that’s it! So next Wednesday, I’ll do that.So that’sit! All you got to do : leave a comment down below, be a subscriber, and you’reentered to win one of these little vouchers for a free jar at Whole Foods.So that’s gonna wrap it up for this video, guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Hope you mine its consideration of the item, good luck winning one of these, hope you have a fanciful epoch, andI’ll see you next time! Hey, it’s time for another ice cream re…veh ve v v v v v v v v swimming … Swim Tlin? Pretty good … oh, I’m a slob ..

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