SHOULD people OVER 40 do KETO? (surprising!)

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. My name's Dan. [INAUDIBLE] Over 40
Protocol, and today I want to talk about
the 3 pitfalls that you need to know
about the Keto diet. Now if you are interested
and you want to power through this new year,
you have to do a couple different things. And the first 1 is
just stop right here and thanks for that,
because you are about to have a game changer. Yes. I know. Protein and cheeses, right? This is allowed on what? The Keto diet. Now, carbohydrates is not
allowed on the Keto diet. Did you know that? Because if not,
I want to let you know before you go into this, if
you're going to start the Keto diet, or you've been on the
Keto diet for over 14 days, you already know,
carbohydrates aren't happening.

It's not going to be
part of your diet. Now, I know. I'm breaking the
burden of everyone out there that's thinking
about the Keto diet or is on the Keto diet
for over at least 14 days. Here's some of the
pitfalls that you need to know about the Keto diet. 1. Yes, you can have a ton of fat. All kinds of fat, you
can have it pretty much all day long and then some. You can have a limited
amount of protein.

You can have
protein, but you got to have a limited
amount of that. And you can't have
carbohydrates, like I explained. OK? What is the number 1 thing
that functions your brain? Mostly carbohydrates. So some of the
pitfalls that I want to make you aware so you can
power through this new year and live that life
with that dream body that you're looking
for, is 1, be prepared. If you're deciding go on
Keto, or you're on the Keto, that you can possibly
suffer from what they call the Keto flu. Keto flu is exactly what it is. It's exactly what
it sounds like. You get the flu. It's very, very similar,
yes, you can vomit. Yes, you get nausea. Yes, you can get irritable. Yes, you can get a headache. Yes, you can get weak. Yes, you can have constipation. Did I deter you
from this diet yet? Because these are a very, very
likely scenario for people that go on the Keto diet.

Or maybe you're on
it now and you're experiencing some of that. Now, when you get
through that, you're going to end up in ketosis OK? It's a process. You're going to get
in ketosis so that you can burn the fat, right? When you end up in ketosis,
some of the side effects are bad breath,
short-term fatigue. Can you imagine short-term
decrease in performance? Yes, that can happen. Digestive issues,
diarrhea, and insomnia. These are some of the
things that can happen just from the Keto diet. Now that's the
second big downfall that I'm telling you
all of these things, because you need to know. Third thing is, God
bless if the fact that you are
borderline diabetic, or you are diabetic with
type 1 or type 2 diabetes, this diet is absolutely not
for you, if you are, OK? In a lot of people
that aren't, it's probably not for you either. You must see a doctor
before you start this if you are diabetic or
borderline diabetic, because you're going to have
to check your blood sugar very frequently, because of the
things that this diet does to you.

Now, I'm not completely
kiboshing the Keto diet. There are far and between
some that can actually crush this diet and
do well with it, but mostly people
end up suffering from a lot of these
things and end up falling off and
failing at it because of these different deals. So what am I telling you? Ketoacidosis, for people that
are diabetic or possibly even borderline diabetic– and
if you don't even know it, you better check first, OK? Ketoacidosis can happen. What happens? It's because the blood
becomes too acidic.

That is a horrible thing
that can happen to people, and I want you to
be aware of that. It can also damage your liver,
your kidneys, and your brain. It can do that, OK? There are cases that are
known, and all of this is research-backed. OK? And you'll see that at this
link in here in a second. So checking with your
doctor right away if you think any of
those are a possibility when it comes to
being a diabetic, OK? So now that I've gotten
that out there, no matter with, no matter without,
being a diabetic no matter what, Keto, Keto flu,
ketosis, the whole 9, it's all part of the diet.

Now, the great thing is, is
that if you're thinking about it or you've already
been on it, and you're not happy with the
performance of it, OK? I have a 1 day
Hormone Reset Diet that will help you that's taking
20 plus years of not only using it with clientele, but
knowledge and research to get this 1-day
solution perfectly fine tuned like a machine.

It's at this link down here. Now, when you go there,
you're going to pay attention, because we talk about the
Keto diet, the paleo diet, and the vegan diet. And I want to talk
about low carb, because low carb
is not possible-, you're not living on a low carb
diet for the rest of your life. It's not happening. No one in the history has
ever been possible to do that. It's not going to happen. So this Hormone Reset
Diet, it starts on day one. Yes. As soon as you start doing
it, boosting metabolism and boosting your
hormones starts on day 1. And then, you can get the
dream body that you desire and power through the
new year like you own it.

I want you have your dream body. I want you to click this link. I want to thank you for
stopping on this feed, and it's your turn to
power through 2019. Down here, click this link now..

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