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Guys, I’m very excited about this week’sreview. It is for Rebel Creamery’s Vanilla flavor — the first of five working flavorsthat I’m gonna be checking out over the next few weeks. Couldn’t be more excitedto check this out. I’m gonna start right after this. Hey, guys! Welcome to A.D. Keto. My name is Aaron. This is the channel where you can watch a creepy daddy undertaking his style through the ketogenic diet.I do some keto eating vlogs, I do some ketoproduct recollects, and I do some keto giveaways. If this is your first time here, pleaseconsider subscribing, and if you do, make sure you’re on Notification Squad byclicking the bell. Okay, guys. Rebel Creamery. I am so excited to trythis stuff. They are the latest player in the low-grade carb/ high fat-specific ice creamgame, and from everything I hear, they’re luscious. Now before I get intoreviewing this, I want to just talk a little about Rebel, because it’s apretty cool story.Rebel Creamery is a company located out of Midway, Utah. I don’t know what it is about Utah, but there’s a good deal of formidable keto ice cream coming out of Utah. My Pals Killer Whey are there. Rebel Creamery is there. Rebel Creamery wasfounded by Austin Archibald, and he started keto about the same time I did –January 2017. And that realises me feel like a dunce! I don’t have MY own ice creamcompany. This dude has spawned material happen. He and his wife Courtney and their fourkids live in Utah. So Austin had always messed around with stirring his own icecream.When he started keto, he was like, “I’m either gonna have to give this upentirely or conclude drastic changes to it, so that it’ll work for keto.” And so heenlisted the services offered of a nutrient scientist, and they figured out sort of acombination of parts that would work — that would eliminate the carbohydrate, butstill have a sweet flavor, with the creamy goodness that … you know, everyone expects with with ice cream. So he decided to initiate a Kickstarter campaignin November of 2017, and in a little less than a few months, it was funded. It raisedover $80,000. Over 1400 beings backed the project. It’s one of the fastest-everKickstarters located around big quantity food products. So a lot of peoplesupported them. And they’re now starting to ship productto parties. It’s very exciting. And their objective — there…They have a two-pronged goal. They just wanted to … number 1: introducing payment, low carb, high fatty , no sugar lent icecream to stores. And they also want to use it as a gateway to potentiallyconvert more parties to keto. So that’s fantastic. It’s all about reassuring supermarket managers to carry this stuff in their storages. Onestore in particular in California was very flexible early on, and was able toget them into storages very early. So they have a physical attendance in California, but everything else they’re ship out in jug containers, with dry ice inthem. Unfortunately, they’re only carrying to the United Mood at his time aswell, because of regulations due to dairy in Canada and the UK, etc. It’s U.S. only.There are plans to time some dairy-free alternatives down the road, but for now, it’sjust these initial flavors, and send to the U.S. only. So it’s incrediblyexciting that this is kind of the method things are going. I hope to see more andmore high-fat/ low-carb ice creams follow this trend.It’s just super-exciting. Sothat’s their companionship in a nutshell. I am going to start with Vanilla. I put out apoll on YouTube last week, and I said, “Hey, I got my shipment of Rebel Creamery IceCream in! Which flavor would you guys like to see me undertake first? ” And here arethe results. And I am going to pretty much do exactly the opposite of this. 😀 Iknow that you guys want these…The fancy flavor first, but I truly need to startwith Vanilla, because I feel like if a company can get vanilla right, there’s avery good chance that they’ll get everything else right. I also want tostart with the fewest carbs and drive my highway up to the flavors that have the mostcarbs. So I realize your input on that poll, but I have chosen to ignore it. I stilllove you, but I’m sorry. So this is Vanilla. If you guys have been herebefore, you know that I burst my ice cream inspects down into four personas. Italk about the quality. That’s the most important thing to me. This I made out ofmy freezer an hour ago, and then 40 times in … I I left it on the bar, and I came back 40 minutes later. I was like, “Ooh, that’s pretty soft. I better putthat back in the freezer for ten minutes.” So it’s been about 40 minutes out of thefreezer, ten minutes back in, and then ten minutes since then.So approximately 40 times (# math) post-freezer. Then I talk about the smell. I’m extremely hopeful that this Vanillais going to be delightful. Then I talk about the carb situation. This is whereRebel Creamery is heads and shoulders above just abouteverything else. And the last part of the review is the ingredients. Gonna runthrough the ingredients and tell you what’s in it. So without further ado, let’s check it out. Oh boy. It is very … super-smooth looking. Oh my idol. Wow.perhaps I left it out a touch too long. But look at that. Wwwwwwwwhat? Oh my goodness. Okay, I need to have amoment here. Merely a hour. Simply a instant. That’s amazing. This … The texture is great. The quality … I leftthat … I left this out a little too long. I would recommend half an hour, transcends. Thiswas out a touch too long.It’s a little bit … it’s a little bit gooey, which is nota huge problem. It’s mostly gooey on the top and on the sides, but fewer than 45 minutes, probably. Magnificent. The flavour is very pleasant. It’s same to Killer Wheyin that it savor like natural vanilla. Not quite as strong of a flavor ofvanilla as was in Killer Whey’s Vanilla. I felt like Killer Whey savor a lotlike vanilla extract, like super, super … precisely straight-up real vanilla. This isthe same flavor, time a little less intense. Still very delightful. The carbs.This number. This digit right here is for the entire pint. This entire jug is5 grams of net carbs. Total carbs: 10 grams, dietary fiber: 2g, carbohydrate alcohol: 7g, so that is like … 1 phase something grams of net carbs per serving? Remarkable. 14 grams of solid, eight of those are from saturated fat, two gramsof protein. Less protein than solid. Terrific. Guys, I meditate I’m done with HaloTop and the like. Like…low-fat ice creams are silly. We’ve got fellowships now thatare gratifying to keto beings — like Rebel, like Killer Whey.This is the way to go.Let me predict you the ingredients. There are very few ingredients. I cherish this.Ingredients: ointment, sea, erythritol, chicory root fiber, egg yolks, milkprotein segregate, vegetable glycerin, vanilla extract, Peruvian carob gum, guar gum, monk outcome. The death. Fantastic. Sweetened with erythritol and monk return. Really astonishing material. If this isthe baseline? If this is like … you know, at-rest condition, I recall I’m in for atreat with these other spices. Yes, I took the top back down, Autumn !! I’m digging in one more era! Oh boy. Man. Okay, so really — kind of the highestmarks I can give it. It’s impressive. And fixed for keto. That’s the thing. Companies like these chaps are pushing things in the directionthat they need to go, and that’s one of the large-scale things with Rebel, as well.Austin has said that one of his objectives is to promote keto, and they’re doing it righton the packaging.I actually never read that. Let me just take a look, here. Itsays, “Many have discovered that eating meat high in healthy paunches and low incarbs and sugar drills your body to burn fat instead of sugar as an force source. Common benefits beings may experience on a low-carb high-fat diet are weight loss, increased force, muffled appetite, and mental clarity. That’s keto, baby.So chaps, incredible. I’m absolutely smitten with this stuff. Holy cow.Here’s the thing. I recall as their home communities, as keto beings, we should promote this as much as possible. There is a form on Rebel’s website. It’s basically a formthat can you can print and fill in, bring to the customer service desk of your localsupermarket, and say, “Hey — I want this in your stores.Can you secure a brother orsister up? ” I did that today. I mean, they were dealing with a couple of verydisgruntled customers before they got to get me, but when I got to the customerservice desk with my little kind, I said, “I’d just like to submit this productrequest form, please.” They make it, and said, “Have a nice day.” And the cool thingis that if you do that, you can you go back to Rebel’s website, and you fill out thissurvey, asking you about where you brought the form.You crowd it all in, and ifthat collect ultimately points up carrying Rebel, Rebel we’ll send you two couponsfor free beers, which is killer! So chaps, that’s my review of Rebel. if youhave prescribed some, and you’ve had it, let me know what you think of Vanilla. It’s avery good sign that the vanilla is as good as it is. I’ve got high hopes for therest of the spices, which would be … will be coming in the following weeks. So ifyou’ve had it, let me know what you think down in the comments.I’d love to hearfrom you. I hope you have a awesome epoch, guys, and I will see you next time. and if you do, andifyoudo, andifyoudo, andifyoudo, andifyoudo.

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