Real-Life Keto: Ending The Diet Mentality, Using Keto for Breastfeeding and Fertility, Rebuilding After Overexercising with Real-Life Guest Leah Hosburgh — #009

It’s the first of many episodes of “Real-Life Keto” which is a segment of the Keto For Women Show that will focus on real women living a real life using a ketogenic diet, having success and maybe even some failures, but learning along the way. Now, we can use the lessons these women have learned to guide our own keto journey.

Today, we have Leah Hosburgh, a mom of two little boys, former competitive Crossfitter, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and recovering chronic dieter. Leah began her ketogenic journey as a member of The Fat Burning Female Project while she was breastfeeding. This was also the time in her life where she was finally able to stop dieting, measuring and weighing food, and just eat intuitively for health and freedom for both herself and her family. 


  • Leah’s history with chronic dieting and disordered eating
  • How competing in Crossfit changed her outlook on food
  • The health breaking point she used as a lightbulb to change her lifestyle
  • Leah’s experience with using a ketogenic diet to fuel her breastfeeding relationship with her son
  • Using keto as a means to break the dieting obsession
  • Leah’s version of keto to fuel her workouts
  • Encouraging high-fat kids
  • How to be intuitive with keto
  • Leah’s advice for others on the ketogenic journey


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