Reading September: Day 2

Silly disclaimer : This blog contains the authors own thoughts and personal opinion. I am not in any way a professional dietician, and I do not force anyone to agree with my statements.

My favourite breakfast, chia seed pudding

Under the ‘Health’ component of this book that I am challenging myself with, there’s very many people claiming all the benefits of ketosis. Ketogenic and alike diet was very popular a few years back, and I remember believing everything it claims it does. It can cure cancer, it can treat Lyme disease, it can help you lose weight, and it can strengthen you.

Now that I read about it, I cannot stop myself be so cynical about the idea. Yes, it can promote use of fat as the main source of energy. But eating an insane amount of fat, also puts you at increased risk of congestive heart disease, caused by increased LDL (bad cholesterol). They recommend consumption of ‘good fat’ like coconut, avocado and MCT oil. However, we cannot be living on liquid oil every day.

Since I have changed the way I look at eating and diet, I like to approach it as a whole, rather than specific percentage of each macronutrient. What I mean is, an even balance of EVERYTHING including fat, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins & minerals.

Something that is ‘high fat’ doesn’t always mean it’s suitable for ketogenic diet because it could be saturated fat which easily builds up in your bloodstream. Something that is ‘high carbohydrate’ doesn’t always mean it’s bad for your health. It could be high in fibre and low in sugar, which means most of it will not be absorbed, but be excreted straight out of your gut.

Anyway, stop the rambling and get to the point : Eat a well balanced diet and health will follow.

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