Proof Papa John’s Plans On Reopening In Twin Falls

The popular pizza chain Papa John’s has been in Twin Falls in the past but had to close after an issue with the lease. The pizza restaurant never reopened. However, it looks like we may have found clues that one is returning to Twin Falls, and soon.

Papa John’s Twin Falls

Papa John’s was around for a while in Twin Falls located on Blue Lakes Blvd near Snake River Pool and Spa. The lease was up at their location and was never renewed. The old building helped expand Snake River Pool and Spa. In 2018 there was no indication of an opening somewhere else. We may have found proof otherwise.

The Possible Return

I am pretty sure they are up to something. I have called and emailed the media contact for Papa John’s several times over the last few weeks with no response. That being said, if you Google it and check other places, there are hints that they plan on reopening.

The original location was 956 Blue Lakes BLVD N #A. That is the location that closed. However, Papa John’s website has the location as 430 Blue Lakes. It even states that it is currently open, but we know that isn’t the case since the location on Blue Lakes is a run-down building currently.

Also, if you check out Papa John’s website, it has Twin Falls as a location for potential hiring soon. While they said they are not currently hiring, the location is on the form to check for employment.

Courtney Salmon

Courtney Salmon

Timeline Ideas For Papa John’s

The Google search indicates the new location could open as early as December 9th. Google is usually a pretty good indicator, but we aren’t positive. The building looks a little run down for it to be able to be turned around in a month. But it does appear that Papa John’s is making a return.

It is also important to note one more time that we have reached out to the Papa John’s media coordinator with no response so we have not been able to confirm or deny these rumors.

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