[Preview] What do you eat on a keto diet?

A keto diet contains very few carbs and a higher proportion of energyfrom natural fat. The protein sum should be moderate. The food is based on real food like flesh, fish, eggs, veggies and natural overweights like butter or from fatty menus like avocado, salmon or olive oil. Avoid the carbohydrate rich foodslike carbohydrate, sweeteneds and starchy foods, food, pasta, rice and potatoes. And you could end up eatingsomething like this in a era, just as an example. A simple acces to explain the differencebetween regular menu and keto menus is that you remove the large portionof carbs, rice, potatoes or pasta and replace it with vegetablesprepared in overweights. For instance veggies fried in butteror salads with olive oil. It can really be that simple. So how much should you eat? Well, you can eat when you’re hungryuntil you’re satisfied.Super simple! You don’t need to count calories, you don’t need any capsules , no special products andno meal replacings on a keto diet. You simply need real food. Another important difference – waiting until you’re hungry to eatfeels easy on keto, because your body can now switch directlyto burning your organization fat when needed. On a carb diet you will get sugar cravingsand feel tired if you don’t eat all the time. But on a keto diet you get more energywhen you’re hungry. Now formerly you make love, thirst is the best spice. So eat when you’re hungryuntil you’re full and then repeat thisfor as long as you want, perhaps your whole animation. It’s as natural as is impossible to, like breathing. Exactly remember to choose foodwith very little sugar or starch. Now a common govern is to staybelow 20 g of carbs per daylight. And a simple beginner’s rule to achieve thatis to stick to food with less than 5% carbs.For the rest of this video we’ll go through exactly what to eatand what not to eat on keto ..

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