[Preview] The different kinds of keto diets

A question I get frequently is… the question is about the implementation
of nutritional ketosis. And there are a lot of different strategies
that can be used to put someone into a state
of nutritional or therapeutic ketosis and that can include
the classic ketogenic diet which some people think is
kind of archaic or maybe even draconian, which is up to 90%
of the calories from fat and a very limited amount
of carbohydrates like 3% and probably
what's from the practical perspective there is a limitation of protein too
that makes it kind of hard to follow. The modified ketogenic diet
or the modified Atkins diet is more liberal in protein
up to 20 to 25% and the medium chain triglycerides diet
in the upper right-hand corner is a little more liberal
on carbohydrates, because the medium chain
triglycerides are ketogenic fats and can help one get into
and sustain ketosis.

So I think there is a wide variety of ways
and diets that people can choose, not only the macronutrient ratios, but the types of foods
which is not really talked about… from a clinical perspective they don't really
talk about the foods in the ketogenic diet, but I think that's a whole
another area of research – the types of fats that are in the diet and
even the types of proteins and carbohydrates..

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