[Preview] How can a keto diet maximize athletic and cognitive performance?

I think ketones have cognitive benefits,
I really, really do. And I think they prevent us from crashing and help us buffer stress mentally,
they lower inflammation, but a lot of people are resistant
to doing a low-carb lifestyle. And they go, "I feel horrible,
there's no way I can give up my carbs." And every time that happens like,
"Do you want to try some ketones?" They try them and they get
this huge cognitive boost. They say, "Oh, man, things went
from like normal to blue ray." You know what I mean? It's like, "I feel happy…
why do I feel so good?" And you go, "You know, you could feel
like that all the time. Just do low-carb dieting all the time." But I think it's a tool to help people
transition to that low-carb lifestyle, because they want more..

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