Perfect Keto Product Reviews pt 1 – Keto Bars, Collagen, and Nut Butter

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKetoin this video will be part 1 of a review of some Perfect Keto product but beforewe get started there’s a pair things I want to get out of the way first offfull disclosure all of this lovin was sending them to me forfree from Perfect Keto I am now one of their affiliate marketing spouses and Iwill include a link below for a discount on any of their concoction that said theyasked me to do a review so the cards have been dealtyou are gonna get my honest ruling the next thing I would like to speak about in termsof my inspect is for keto produces I will talk about the smell texturefeatures macros general impressions what I won’t talk about is rate because Ithink any of us have been in keto for any length of meter know that you’repaying a payment cost for keto and as a result it’s sort of a grade playingfield between makes they’re all kind of on the expensive objective I understand abit you know why the prices are what they are you saw similar things early onwith gluten-free product I think some of that is due to economies of magnitude Ithink some of it is due to only the gadget factor so we’re not going totalk about rate we’re just going to talk about the product and because wehave a lot here and I probably couldn’t sample all of these without knockingmyself out of ketosis even though they’re all really pretty low-grade net carbsI think today we’re going to take a look at the keto prohibits and maybe one or two ofthe combinations whether that’s you know the MCT oil or the collagen we’ll examine whatmy attitude is after we do the bars so first up we have the salted caramel keto barit has 11 grams of protein so if we’re looking at this as a protein barroom youknow a little light on protein 18 grams of total fatty 7 grams of saturated fats1 1 total grams of carbohydrates however 9 of those are dietary fiber so we’relooking at a net 2 grams of carbs per bar okay first thing I notice it’s Iwouldn’t call it crumbly maybe I would maybe I would call it crumbly so kind ofa crumbly texture Wow I like this I like this a lot this islike a fat rocket that wasn’t frozen it’s like a solid rocket in a rail I don’t knowthat I’ve ever had salted caramel in real life outside of this disallow the tastereminds me almost of like a really good coffee with some sort of something addedin it’s it’s one of the things for the first bite I didn’t know I wasn’tentirely sure what I thought about it but it’s it’s I can’t stop ingesting itit’s sort of addicting all right I’m gonna save the rest of this just becauseotherwise I won’t be hungry for dinner next up we have the chocolate chipcookie dough keto disallow also 11 grams of protein this has 18 grams of total fatsix grams of saturated overweight three grams of net carbs so it’s 12 grams total 9grams dietary fiber similar quality to the salted caramelmaybe a little moisture it didn’t there weren’t so many morsels when I when Ibroke it again that first bite I you are well aware didn’t really know what to expectin it it’s certainly not as sugared as real cookie dough which in a manner that was I kindof like because I don’t like SuperDuper sweet things anyhow that first bite Iwasn’t sure what I was picking up on the second bite I got some more chocolatechips in and that converted everything for me I represent the flavour in my lip rightnow the aftertaste that I have it’s like I simply ate got a couple of chippings ahoycookies so I believed they did a pretty good job nailing the feeling of cookiedough I’m not a super duper big cookie dough devotee I foresee I like the the saltedcaramel better but if you like cookie dough I think you’re gonna like this interms of ingredients on both of these very similar almond butter solubletapioca flour you’ve got some sunflower lecithin some collagen protein MCT oilin terms of sweeteners all natural you’ve got stevia and friar returns solike in the ingredients directories next up we have the keto collagen this is thechocolate flavor terms of macros we have four grams fat all saturated one gram oftotal carbohydrates 10 grams of protein now one of the things I are happy to do whenI’m dealing here with pulverizations is see how well it mixes merely with a spoon or do youactually gonna shake our bottle for it so it seemed to mix pretty well with aspoon a marry minuscule little suds of pulverization still it’s not overpowering likechocolatey so if someone just said here enjoy this delectable refreshment I don’t knowthat I would affection it but if someone said here here’s a way that you can get yourdaily collagen in in a way that doesn’t experience bad at all I imply it just it sortof savors like a watered-down chocolatey drink I consider probably dissolving apacket of this in your fatty chocolate is very likely be the way to go next upwe’ll try the salted caramel collagen I can already reeked it and I like thesmell now this seemed to mix even easier thanthe chocolate I don’t see maybe one little powder bubble at the top I likethis I like this right away the chocolate one like I said it kind oftasted like you know chocolate powder and liquid this I’m not sure what thistastes like but I like it it reminds me almost of like a vanilla ice cream witha little caramel swirl in it maybe in a waffle cone I entail this is a good drink hmmall right so far both of these salted caramel makes from excellent Kido areabsolute winners really really like the salted caramel collagen the last productthat we’ll look at in this video is the perfect ki donut butter now thiscontains macadamia cashew coconut butter and MCT oil so not terribly different interms of parts from the performance nut butter all right beforewe dig into this the macros helping sizing is two tablespoons 210 calories 20 gramsof fat of which seven are saturated seven grams of total carbohydrates fivegrams of dietary fiber for a net two grams of carbs now we go I like it more I like it more thanperformance nut butter this definitely has a stronger cashew flavor thanperformance nut butter performance nut butter I’ve out the macadamia reallyshined and then you got that coconut and the cashew was sort of you know off inthe background this has a richer flavour to me like sort of a fattier mouthfeeland I think that’s probably from the MCT oil I think here it’s a matter ofpersonal predilection if you like more of a cashew macadamia nut butter flavoryou’re gonna like this a lot I think if you like more of that a little ofcoconut in with the macadamia then you are able to like the performance nut butterbetter regardless this is a darn good nut butter I like this and I see I’mprobably gonna be able to find some recipes that I could use this incertainly if you were doing my pound cake recipe and he didn’t haveperformance nut butter but “youve had” some of this this would work spectacularlyand I thoughts with the additional fat it might even create a more moist poundcake so this might be sort of the go-to for cooking for me so that’s about all Ican do for this video we’ll get to the rest of these gunpowders in part two of ourreview of perfect keto so I guess in summary what I was absolutely mostimpressed with truly kind of blown away was the salted caramel collagen goodgood nonsense I envisage the next thing that I enjoyed “the worlds largest” was the salted caramelketo prohibit that likewise was really really good so if you’re looking for like a fatbomb on the go that you don’t have to freeze WowI think next it was kind of a hold between the chocolate microchip cookie doughketo tables which I really liked and if you like the flavour of Chips Ahoy cookiesyou’re gonna love those and the keto nut butter now I believe I may preferperformance nut butter exactly straight up but precisely from my experience cooking Ithink this is going to be a better nut butter for recipes whetheryou know bread cookies chapels whatever probably what I was least excited aboutand it wasn’t bad by any means but it was just sort of unspectacular thechocolate collagen I make mingled in with coffee it’d be anice flavoring but I probably wouldn’t have it simply mix with water so that’s itfor this review once I have created part two I will link to it at the very end ofthis video so if you don’t see it right now it’s because I haven’t recorded ityet thanks for watching

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