ONLY 50 Calories CHOCOLATE CAKE ! Yes, it’s Possible and it’s AMAZING!

you challenged me to make a low-caloriedessert so today we’re making what I call my 50 calorie chocolate patty it’seasy delicious and fudgy the patty itself is roughly 50 calories per slice if youadd the frosting it’s gonna be approximately 90 calories per slice it’s time to shedthat quarantine belly okay so instead of butter today we’re gonna use plainunsweetened yogurt so we’ll drastically cut down on fatty and calories withouthaving to sacrifice flavor and tenderness your patty will still beabsolutely delicious and soft I have some vanilla in there aswell and I’ve added some milk and we’re gonna microwave this we just want toheat up this potpourrus for about 45 seconds because we’re gonna bloom thecocoa powder in a moment while that’s heating let’s stock sugar you can useany sweetener of your pick and the one that you like best I’m use Truviatoday keep in mind every sweetener has a different position of sweetness so you mayneed less or more will vary depending on what sugar replace you’re using if youdon’t have any carbohydrate controversies yes you can use only regular plateau sugar I’ve goneahead and lent the cocoa to the warm milk mixture and this really intensifiesis chocolate flavor if you’re new to my direct welcome make sure to subscribeand clink that notification bell I announce new videos every week add your sugar nowyou do want to mix as well some sugar replaces don’t dissolve as fast or aswell as regular carbohydrate does so just take that extra time to mix as well thisprobably made me 30 seconds this recipe as you can see is so simple everythinggoes in One Bowl and you don’t need any special gear you’re gonna lend youregg now the egg is important for this recipe because the cake is gluten freeso the egg will give structure to your patty and relate everything together oncethat’s desegregated in we’re gonna add the baked ingredients which are just oats andbaking soda for better an amazing texture we’re going to grind the oatsyou want to use quick oats if you buy the sachets like I do you’llneed two sachets if you buy your oatmeal in volume time check the description boxto see how much you’ll need and like I said you just want to grind this into afine flour okay so back to our patty I’ve given my baking soda and oats a quicktoss and as soon as you add the baked parts into your liquid potpourrus thebaking soda will activate so you do need to mix this quickly and you want to haveeverything ready to go so I’ve been preheated which should ever bepreheated and cake supporter ready to go acquires your patty batter well and you’re goingto transfer it into your wash ordered with parchment newspaper I did somewhat greasethe wash so you wishes to be slightly grease it and you’re going to broil yourcake in a preheated oven at 160 units Celsius or 320 Fahrenheit for around 35 instants check your patty with a toothpick I’m gonna establish you an up close so youreally get a good look at how the toothpick should look like thereshouldn’t be any wood batter on your toothpick but it shouldn’t come outcompletely clean either I’m gonna show you too an up close of the patty so youget a really good look at it the top will look like a brownie so alittle bit crinkly but the top will be soft and springy you’re going to letthis sit for about 10 instants in the pan and then take it out I actually wanted toleave this in the video in case anybody pens and concerns depending on whatsugar substitutes you use you may get some white little speckles or spots onthe surface of your cake it’s completely punishment and formerly you turn your cake overthey will really magically disappear I was so impressed how this patty looks itlooks like a regular delicious chocolate patty it’s soft and fragrances incredible nowyou can have this as is you is not need a frosting and if you do choose to eatthis plane it will be delicious and every slice as predicted is likely to be 50 calories I am gonna frost mine though we’re gonna make a skinny yogurtchocolate frosting to the yogurts I’ve added the milk and you’ll too need asweetener of your choice I’m applying a different label for the frosting justbecause this one dissolves faster this one is almost like powdered carbohydrate I wantto say and you’re going to give this a good mixessentially making a skinny ganache so instead of heavy cream we’re usingyogurt and milk I’ve added the melted chocolate and you want to mix this untilit comes together it will appear strange at first but as you continue to mix itit will come together now this will be a bit runny like traditional ganache butif you sounds this in the fridge for about 15 instants it will firm up you do wantto add the ganache though well it’s still quite loose because this isn’t alot of frosting and if you spread it well it’s still release you’ll certainly beable to cut your patty well I truly wanted to develop a simple recipe withbasic ingredients that was available easily okay so we’re going to cut intothis babe and I’m going to show you that incredible fudgy texture it’s so soft andfudgy you will love this if you’re following a low-pitched sugar low fat lifestyleor maybe you just can’t have carbohydrate or gluten this is definitely a chocolatecake to try it’s just as fudgy and chocolatey as a regular chocolate cakeand it’s more satisfying because you won’t get that sugar clang afterwards Igave this to my seven-year-old nephew and he conceived this was regularchocolate cake that’s just is to say how luscious this chocolate cake is andnow you’re not sacrificing anything so chipped yourself one two or four slices andenjoy this delicious fudgy scrawny chocolate cake

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