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hello people it’s me the towntwo um today is my keto bursary keto anniversary keto birthday whatever you wantto call it uh basically 1 year on the keto diet this didn’t hardly expect tobe doing this for this long it’s just crazy how all thishas been moving and everything starting off i didn’t even know i was going to bedoing keto i didn’t plan on doing it i arbitrarily got submitted to it by a few people um i had onefriend who was posting stuff on facebook saying down 10 pounds since christmas down 20 poundssince christmas down 40 pounds since christmas like each month only impeded announcing that in my headi’m like what what is he doing how’s the dude losing so much weight um but i never asked himnever queried issues and questions only was like you know huge enterprise um and in september i first met two differentpeople haphazardly that i had never met before and we both ceased up started talking about keto dietand i didn’t really know what it was but they both were telling me bits and pieces of it and howit toiled and everything so i pointed up eventually gaping up some information and decided to try itout um i had a doctor’s visit and was talking to my doctor and told him that i was thinking aboutdoing it and he was against it he told me no i don’t think you should do it idon’t think it’s a good nutrition to do due to the fact that um it’s like a furor likepeople get on it and and don’t uh stick to it or they’ll stick to it but as soon as they get off ofit they’ll go back and he’s basically just saying that you know i’m more into lifestyle changeswhere people make healthy alternatives and everything and those things stick with them which technicallydoing a keto diet is a lifestyle change you alter everything that you snacked and it’s not somethingthat’s generally done for a short period of time but he still was against me doing it um but itold him like hey i symbolize because i was diagnosed with diabetes uh so i had to see him every threemonths anyway i was like i’m gonna try it out and see if it toils and after three months you knowwe could see because i think my blood work drawn and everything um i used went up intention up startinguh i started september 16 of 2019 well the first week of that i kind of prepped into it i justslowly trimmed carbs out of what i was eating but i really travelled full blown on september 16 th afterthe first month of being on it i lost 27 pounds my starting force was 400 421 pounds4 21.8 and after the first month i was down 27 pounds i was like man this is working um imight as well merely prevent keep wanting to keep going after the second month i was down 15 poundsand after the third month i was down 16 pounds um so i believe like so when i went back for mythree month checkup i think i was down like 57 pounds total and he was like you know good jobwe know what are you doing and you know i told him i started doing a keto diet he was like wellit you know keep it up it looks like it’s working um when i got proceeded in september my a1c was a 7.3 and that was like the highest has ever been um after those 3 month of being on the ketoit fell down to 6.2 from september to december um continue remaining on keto and you know eatingright and didn’t really um cheat or anything i necessitate i could potentially have like a french fry or so hereor there but i didn’t have any bread or any ice cream any sugar anything like that um my nextmonth scrutiny was supposed to be in march and that’s when covert and everything started and ireally didn’t go back i didn’t go to the doctor’s offices were closed so i couldn’t go back soi dissolved up going back in june uh the doctor’s offices “re still” closed but they allowedyou to go in for the blood work really to get your blood trace and that was it so that was finefor me i just wanted to know those lists anyway when i went back in uh june my quantities had droppedto 5.6 and so i was like wow you know this is this really going i imply i’m past i’m not even i’mlike just out of the pre-diabetic uh range i’m not out of the spectrum totally i believethen i just went back uh two days ago for my one year checkup technically from the start ofdoing it on the 14 th and i got my outcomes back uh yesterday and my a1c plummeted down to 5.2 somy diabetes is wholly under control i don’t know if immediately you are out of the scope of numbersif you totally “re no longer” with diabetes or something that they claim is just with you all thetime it’s just all based on what the numbers are but my multitudes are very very much under rangeand under control as now and everything is my um kidney liver all those functions things are mynumbers are within well straddle for being on this um precisely chipping back chipping back on alcohol i stilldrink alcohol every now and then merely drink it straight-from-the-shoulder simply with no carbohydrate no no sugary drinksor anything like that or if i do i’ll have uh a uh carbonated water which i previously hatedi talked so much stuff about them but now i can tolerate them um and i use uh the walmartsquirts the uh little flake water flavor enhancers that wasn’t uh with uh sparkling waterto me it savours just like soda um but the the starting weight again when i started was4 21.8 pounds and today when i weighed myself i was 293.2 so i the whole year i lost atotal of 128 pounds 128.6 pounds and it’s just you know big differences andchanges in my life his quality of life precisely little things would have my back hurtingwalking short-lived distances doing some things my partner wanted to go places and i tried to findmy way to get out of it because i knew walking and all that would be i’d be tired and didn’twant to do it and sizzling and sweaty and all that but now we’re going on accompanies goingon hikes played with my babies merely a lot more stuff that i’m doing and don’thave any issues or problems with doing which i unquestionably want to continue and keep up andeverything um i will plan on you know continue to shaping keto videos and everything i may cut backand start realise some dinners that do have carbs in them i may post those i may not but i stilldo plan on maintenance keto meals and prevent inducing keto dinners to keep it up because the lifestylechange is definitely helpful and advantageous for me and if anyone has any questions or commentsor anything let me know um not used to being on camera like this normally i just induce thevideo and do the voiceover and say what i did how it was and all that but um just wantedto hop on here say hello uh show my face and um say thank you guys for rocking with meon this journey um i know i didn’t start announcing the videos and everything for about three orfour months ago but i was always posting all my substance online on instagram and facebook sothat just made me just wanted to simply announce it online because to me the hardest part of the keto dietwas at the beginning was concluding the information you know you don’t really know that many peoplethat’s on it or unless you start talking about it and then people come to you like hell yeah i’mdoing that i’m trying that but for me you know i was doing everything on my own gaping up recipesand just looking up information and the thing is everything is online all this informationis available for you on the website uh you just have to time seem it up and searchand like i always say what i try to do is i just try to keep it simple um pick a healthy solid pickprotein and some low-toned carb veggies and try to keep that and put that in every snack i don’t reallytrack what i eat that much uh but i do every now and then if i stall like there has been timeswhere i’ve been about a month time frame where i didn’t really lose no force and it gets a bitfrustrating everything because you don’t see the scale moving or anything but your invests andeverything start fitting differently you know when i started i was a 5x shirts and now i’m ina 3x comfortably nearly in a 2x on some firebrand you know some are bigger some are small but um yeahthe hardest part was just finding something to eat so i wanted to post these videos uh of whati eat this is everything you examine on here is what me and my family ate for dinner that night umand if i can help anybody with this i’m happy if you have any questions satisfy feel free to hitme up or ask me any questions i can definitely help with what i can or what information that ihave but all this information is available for you online if you “ve been looking for” search it up and lookfor it what i do is anything that i want to eat i just made keto in front of it keto lasagnaketo uh pasta but they’ll have their different versions of what alternative methods you can use but justput keto in front of whatever you want to eat and simply look at the recipe look at what it isand just know what staples or whatever things you can interchange or conversion out you can swapthis for that or use this instead of that but uh i want to say thank you guys um have agreat day thank you guys for watching enjoy

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