One-Minute Keto Microwave Muffin

One-minute microwave muffins? That’sunpossible. Hi, everybody. I’m Aaron. Welcome to A.D. Keto. Today is another episodeof #iliKETOeat, featuring minute microwave muffins. I waslying in bed the other morning, looking at Instagram, and I came across thisrecipe that was affixed by a used identified @easy., who in turn got it from[ she’s now @ kellymahalak ], and it was a recipe for muffins that took one minute to see, keto friendly, in your microwave. And I said, “Whaaat? That doesn’t sound at all possible.” So I get up out of bunked, acquired’ em, and they’re super-easy, so I’m going to show you how to do those! All you really need are threeingredients: natural peanut butter, one egg, and one-fourth teaspoon of broiling powder.The only interesting thing you really need is a microwave-safe bowl like this one, inwhich to procreate your instant muffin. So, you precisely lend 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, then you’re going to fracture your egg into the peanut butter, gonna take a quarterteaspoon of cooking pulverization, and then you precisely budge it all up. I’ve found that the bakingpowder, it needs to … be in integrated as best you are eligible to, because it tends to clump up. So time stir until it’s all incorporated. Aaand I’m just going to take a rubber scraper now, andgive it a little cleanup around the sides, so it doesn’t examine fairly so gross.So there’s your combination. We’re just going to jettison you the microwave for oneminute .[ BEEP] Okay, so this is the part that kind ofshocked me most when I opened it up — I didn’t know what it was going to looklike. There it is. Isn’t that crazy? And so you is taking this, turn it upside down here, and there is your beautiful keto- -friendly muffin. Look at how spongey that is.See how spongey that is? Like it’s very spongy. So there you have it! That is a one-minutemicrowave muffin. Just a few simple ingredients. I’ll light the macros up onthe screen here for you, but it’s very keto-friendly, and that’s going to do it! So, if this is your first time now, satisfy consider agreeing, and inspect[ she’s now @kelllymahalak] on Instagram. Awesome, frightening recipe, and so, so simple. You canfind me on instagram at A.D. Keto, and on Twitter at AD_Keto, andagain please consider agreeing. Like, statement, and share. I’d love to see whatyou guys have to say in the comments. And that’s going to do it! We’ll see you nextFriday!

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