One & Done Workout Reviewed (Meredith Shirk)

Meredith Shirk and her team at Svelte Media have launched a new promotional campaign for the popular One & Done Workout program.

Featuring Meredith’s sprint interval training (SIT) workout techniques, the One & Done Workout teaches you how to activate metabolic multipliers and get the benefits of 45 minutes of exercise with just 7 minutes per day.

Find out everything you need to know about the One & Done Workout and how it works today in our review.

What is the One & Done Workout?

The One & Done Workout is a home workout program created by accomplished personal trainer and fitness influencer Meredith Shirk.

By following the One & Done Workout program, you can discover simple workouts to perform at home to maximize weight loss with minimal impact.

Meredith Shirks’ One & Done Workout relies on sprint interval training (SIT) to give you the benefits of a 45 minute workout in just 7 minutes. Instead of spending hours at the gym or torturing yourself with cardio, you can get powerful benefits with just a few minutes of work per day.

As part of a 2022 promotion for the One & Done Workout, Meredith Shirk and her team are bundling the program with bonus guides, extra training videos, weight loss manuals, and other tools to help you make the most of the program.

How Does the One & Done Workout Work?

The One & Done Workout is a completely “done for you” home workout system that combines sprint interval training (SIT) with conventional workout techniques, helping you make the most of each workout.

Sprint interval training is based on a similar premise to high intensity interval training (HIIT). You exercise at maximum intensity for short bursts, then briefly relax in between bursts.

However, HIIT can be dangerous. It can be high impact and bad for your health – especially if you’re not doing the workouts correctly.

The goal of the One & Done Workout program is to take the benefits of HIIT while condensing them down into faster and safer exercises. That’s how Meredith Shirk developed her popular SIT training system.

One & Done Workout Benefits

The One & Done Workout is backed by the following features and benefits:

Discover low-impact, high-reward…

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