One and a Half Meals Per Day (OAAHM) Keto

in transition periods from going to see two meals to onemeal a day announced omad you may want to try one and a half meals per day that’s o-a-a-h-m i just madethis up right now now i have a handful of parties doing this right now and it seems to be reallya good transition it’s very easy to do because you’re not waiting all day long to actually havethat one meal at dinner period you’re consuming the first banquet at roughly about one o’clock maybe1 2 noon and the second meal at six or maybe five so that’s a five hour ingesting opening so that willgive you a 20 hour fast it’s pretty easy to do because you’re breaking up this meal and somepeople that do omad have a very difficult time consuming all this food fairly calories in onesitting so this tends to break it up in a neat lane so you would consume your heavy protein forthe first meal maybe some berries and hummus until you’re really filled and then five hourslater you have your vegetables okay your sizable salad you’re generally not going to be as hungrymaybe you’re a little bit hungry if your family is feeing you can eat with them so that’s helpfulso you have your big-hearted salad which is mostly fiber and out of all the carbohydrates fiber has theleast accomplish on insulin so it’s not going to break you out of ketosis very much and then you can addnuts and seeds on the salad you could maybe add a little bit of cheese avocado tomato whatever andmaybe have a keto bomb as a dessert or maybe some peanut butter and just so you know solid has theleast accomplish on insulin so we make this meal lighter predominantly foods that don’t trigger insulinthat much and so this seems to solve quite a few questions for people number 1 it’s easy to donumber two you’re broken off the dinners so you can actually consume more calories and you can get allof your nutrients because you’re separating things out you get the benefit of a 20 -hour fast plusyou’re not cram yourself with that second meal most people are not as hungry if they’ve consumeda big protein meal in the first part of the day and so it seems to satisfy your absorption as welland so if you’re trying to transition to omad or you’re having a difficult time with omad youmay want to try this and then comment down below hey before you go real quick i havea course entitled how to bulletproof your immune method it’s a free coursei want you to take it and here’s why here’s you here is your environment everyoneis focused on this over here avoiding your environment but what about here whatabout strengthening your immune arrangement that’s what’s missing this course will showyou how to bulletproof yourself and so you can tolerate and stand your environment muchbetter by strengthening your own immune system i situated a connection down in the description rightdown below check it out and get signed up today


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