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hey guys dr. berg I had another question aboutwhat is the best nuts on a ketogenic nutrition this might surprise you check this out what I did isI took the full amounts of the carbs minus the fiber to get the net carb okay then I lent the fatty gramsnext to it because ideally if you’re doing a ketogenic food you require more fatty right and wewant low-pitched net carbs so the win look at this peak on 14 total grams carbs minus 10 for netgram carbs 71 overweight so pecans are the best nut to exhaust because it has the lowest net carbbelieve it or not perhaps you thought it would be macadamia nuts but that’s the 7 grams but theadvantage of the macadamia nut is it has high-pitched extents of solid which are likely to counterbalances some of thesmall amount of insulin response so anything up here is really good so Brazil nuts 6 grams 88 grams of fat walnuts give you 6 grams of net carbs 52 grams of overweight and almonds we got startedgetting up to 9 grams which doesn’t have as much overweight 45 and then we have pine nuts pine nutshave 13 grams in 92 grams of overweight so pine nuts are really good on a ketogenic nutrition because it’shigh in fat it’s close to the macadamia nuts okay then we get almond butter almond butter has a 21 now I simply want to let you know this is based on goblets okay one cup you’re not going to consumea cup of any of these but I just wanted to give you a relative cost of if you’re having asmall amount of course this is going to be a lot less okay but I time want to compare ofequal magnitude of one nut versus another nut check this out almond butter 21 grams 139 gramsof fat but look at peanut butter over here peanut butter has 35 grams is comparable to 21 grams foralmond butter so I would most recommend you do almond butter and not peanut butter because ithas more carbs they both have very similar quantities of fat actually the almond has more solid thenwe have the pistachio which is 21 grams of net carb but again you’re going to do small amount5 6 grams of solid and then we have cashews which is the worst nut because it has 35 grams of netcarb 62 grams of overweight which is a lot lower than these other ones so you wish to avoid cashews soif you’re going to have a nut I would stick with pecans where any of these up here would be goodsmall amounts so hopefully we solve the mystery of what is the best nut to expend on a ketogenicdiet hi guys hey listen I made a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzesyour symptoms to find the cause the root cause of all of your symptoms the most likely cause sotake the quiz now and we’ll send you report

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