“Not Healthy” – After Life-Changing Diet and Workout Routine To Avoid ‘Dying in 10.4 Years’, Dana White Sets Fans in Frenzy With ‘Deep Fried’ Food

Even if you don’t follow Dana White, you must have come across ‘F**k It Friday’. It is a series where the UFC president tries various wacky and crazy combinations of food on his social media accounts. It all started with an advertisement for KFC donut fried chicken sandwich. White recreated the same and thus, ‘F**k It Friday’ series commenced. 


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Dana White, also recently revealed that he has only about a decade to live. The UFC world is going crazy over this. Coupled with White eating unhealthy food agonize the many fans he has. His recent episode with alfredo tacos received multitudes of reactions.


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Dana White tries the alfredo taco

In the latest ‘F**k It Friday’, Dana White tried the alfredo tacos. He fried a battered chicken breast and used it as a taco shell. He then put some alfredo pasta on top of the chicken shell. White declared beforehand that it is going to be messy.

It was in fact messy, as he took and bite, wiped his hands and face, then swooped in for a second. 

Dana White has only a decade to live

Dana White recently revealed that he had a prognosis of 10.4 years, if he further continued his current lifestyle. He also had his bloodwork done and the news wasn’t good at all. White claims that in 10 weeks, with a new lifestyle, he lost 30lbs.

Not only that, but he claimed to be free from snoring and having better sleep. “I feel like I’m 35”, said Dana White.

Fans react to Dana White’s recent ‘F**k It Friday’ episode

Fans who follow Dana White and UFC know very well how unstable White’s health has been in the past. He had to follow a strict diet and routine when he had Meniere’s disease. The news that he has only 10 years to live, has pained several of his fans. 

I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Frosted Flakes in it once when I was high.

— THE OLIVE ERA (@SavageRootsMMA) October 7, 2022

A follower mocked White saying that his series has become a good guide for what to eat when one is high.

All his gains gone in 10 seconds.

— Joseph Canavan (@JosephCanavan80) October 7, 2022

Another comment that said all of Dana White’s…

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