New Report Gives Insight Into Why The Keto Food Market Is Booming

The report by Allied Market Research notes that the keto industry is booming because of the rise in obesity and consumers that are trying to do something about it, per PR Newswire. It also points to a growing concern among people that want to eat cleanly and are doing their research about what’s in the products they’re eating. Additionally, because of the pandemic, many people started following a stricter exercise or diet routine because they were able to work from home, which led them to learn about the positive effects of the keto diet.

While it does have various health benefits, you should also take some caution if you’re looking to try this regimen for the first time. Healthline reports that the diet can cause sleep issues, poor energy, nausea, and digestive issues. It recommends talking to your doctor first and easing into the keto world by just limiting your carbohydrates for the first few weeks and seeing how you feel. This way your body will have more time to acclimate to such a big shift.

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