New Hotel Mini-Fridge Policy Could Affect Rooms Rates In Las Vegas

We have all seen those visitors to Las Vegas bringing in their coolers filled to the brim so they don’t have to pay the high prices for items at the hotel. Well, now there might be a new hotel mini-fridge policy in regards to your room that could affect room rates right here in Vegas.

The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought it up this morning and although it hasn’t happened yet…is this something that could possibly happen sooner than later in Vegas?

After a stay at a Marriott in Florida, someone posted a picture of a sign on the hotel mini-fridge saying that they’d be charged $50 if they put any of their own stuff in the fridge!

According to the article in the daily MIRROR, quote, “The refreshment center is on a sensor.  Use of the refreshment center for personal storage will automatically incur a $50 charge.”  Now we all know how the sensors on a fridge work so if you pick something up more than likely the chances are you’ll be charged for it. Clearly, this is a new way to add more bucks to the bill when you check out!

So thoughts of bringing in your own stuff to nosh on instead of paying the high prices set by the hotel is now out of the question! Of course there might be a way around this, however, we think hotels might be getting hip to this. Telling the front desk that you need a fridge in your room for “medications” could be a way around it, but you might actually have to prove you have the meds first. And who knows, hotels just might start charging for the “FREE” fridge as well!

Now this hasn’t hit Las Vegas for now, but new hotel mini-fridge policy might be the extra charge resorts start adding.

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