New charcuterie concept Graze Craze to open in Grand Central District — St. Pete Rising

“I chose St. Pete because we’re known for welcoming new ideas and concepts,” she says, “and with our busy, food-centric lifestyles, it just made sense to offer a convenient charcuterie option to the community. And let’s face it: We know good food when we eat it.”  

The Graze Craze menu features four regular charcuterie boards and a rotating selection of seasonal boards, such as the Fall Board and Gameday Board. There are options for vegetarians and adherents to the Keto diet, as well as a dessert board.

The shop caters to a wide variety of customers, with seating for groups but also grab-and-go items, such as a handheld charcuterie board for one in a cup, for people on the move.

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