New Banner Health program helps some reverse diabetes diagnosis

A program being coined as a “first of its kind” way of reversing Type 2 Diabetes has been a success story thus far for one eastern Colorado man. Peter Sisneros has reversed his diabetes diagnosis after joining Banner Health’s “Virta” program. 

Virta is one of Banner Health’s new telehealth programs that provide users with access to doctors and nutritional coaches.  

Sisneros, who also happens to work for Banner Health as associate director of culinary and environmental services in Brush, said he was skeptical of the process at first but has since loved the outcome.

“The promises seemed unreal to me. They said they could reverse diabetes and get us off our (medications) which seemed intriguing to me, so I decided to try it,” Sisneros said.  

Sisneros said he had gained more weight in recent years and was diagnosed six years ago with type two diabetes. However, after signing up for Virta, Sisneros said he lost 60 pounds and also got rid of his need for any blood sugar medications.  

“I’m learning to change my lifestyle a little bit, changing my eating habits,” Sisneros said. “I had to get used to eating differently than I had before, which as a chef is hard to do. You have to have a passion for eating and cooking.” 

Sisneros said the program is much like the keto diet where you count and limit your exposure to carbs each day. You upload your daily intake information to an application that allows coaches and doctors to monitor your health progress each day.  

“I think it could be effective for a lot of people,” Sisneros said. “It has been a life-changer for me. I feel much healthier, much more active and younger now.” 

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