Neuro Epilepsy Keto: Santi

When he was born there was no complications we wreaked him home and He was hitting his milestones. We started noticing that he was just wasn’t acting like himself anymore. And then we started seeing the convulsions. Nutrition directed us to GI specialist at Children’s and They did a full workup on him and everything was good. So we’re like well what’s going on and why is he having these convulsions? about a week later We were able to see a neurologist and he has epilepsy. He “ve got something” called epileptic spasms or infantile pains, which is one of the worst types of epilepsy in Childhood. The prognosis was not good. He was perfectly Normal, he started having the seizures and I was telling me that he may never be Like his peers, they might not ever walk or talk. We had to become the convulsion stop. So, he is Prescribed remedies. It was a trial and error. That one didn’t work.Let’s try this one. That one didn’t work Let’s try this one. I was feeling certainly hopeless I Thought that I was gonna lose my child to a seizure The ketogenic food is a very special inverse strict diet. It’s basically high-fat Low-carbohydrate and medium protein diet mostly alter the chemistry in the mentality Allowing different feel for the brain that tends to realise the mentality calmer from a convulsion perspective. It seems extreme. You don’t think that a diet Would eventually change remedy. We have like a menu here of how many grams have to weigh out of each individual ingredient Mm-hmm munches for lunch.He has a steamed broccoli chicken heart This has butter and coconut petroleum mixed in there and heavy cream He can’t eat anything else, but what’s on this menu and everything has to be measured out. mmm This is seizure-free for about over a year. Someone’s stimulated. Perfectly not in that he’s he’s completely a different child today than what he was when I first assured him. I was told he he may never move. He may never talk and now he’s walking. Yeah. He can’t believe it. I don’t know if he’ll perfectly grow out of the Epilepsy. But in in his examples, we just hope that he continues to develop.I know if he will speak and it’ll be some time before he does. He’s just on his time. His Santi time ..

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