My weekend debauchery … granola parfait 😋

This breakfast idea will still your heart. It’s satisfying, delicious and so easy to make. Perfect for cold and rainy January weekend.

In my opinion it literally doesn’t pay to buy keto granola for two reasons: 1. they can be quite pricey 2. they are sooo easy to make.

I’ve made mine using whatever I had in my keto cupboard. You can customise it according to what you like.

Pulse blend two handfuls of nuts ( I had pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts). You want lumpy not a meal texture . Transfer blended nuts in a mixing bowl. Add shredded coconut, seeds ( I added sunflower, chia and sesame seeds ), Erythritol ( depending how sweet you like it) and two egg whites ( save egg yolks for lemon curd). Mix it all together.

Now spread your granola mixture out over your cookie sheet or parchment paper. Using your fingers , push it down all together until you have a large rectangle. Place it in the oven in 200 C.

Keep an eye on it while it’s baking, checking it at the 15-minute mark. When it’s done, it will be lightly browned (especially around the edges).

After it’s completely cooled, you can break it into pieces. Make sure to wait, though, as it will be softer when it first comes out and crisp up as it cools down. At the end I added some goji berries and raw flaked coconut. And that’s it my friends. 5 minutes hands on, approx 30 min in the oven and job done.

Now… the best part… a lemon curd. Delicious, sweet, creamy, to die for lemon curd. Making it is almost as satisfying as eating it. And again… super easy. After using egg whites for granola, you are left with two egg yolks. Add one whole egg, Erythritol and mix it all well in a small saucepan. Put the saucepan over a small heat and add a heaped spoonful of butter and juice from two lemons into the egg mixture. Keep mixing until all butter is melted and the curd starts thickening. But don’t overheat it as it may get lumpy. Transfer the curd to a glass jar and wait for it to cool … a voilà. All done.

To make a parfait, simply create layers of lemon curd, granola and Greek yogurt in a glass and … enjoy it. It’s definitely my favourite keto breakfast.

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