My struggle with sugar addiction …

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it, but one of the reasons for my diet choice is my addiction to sugar. My mum always laughs it off, saying it’s just “ a sweet tooth , “addiction “ sounds very dramatic etc. But whatever you call it, when you cannot go through the day without a bar of chocolate , a bucket of ice cream or any other form of sugar, you need more and more every day, and that’s all you can think about … it’s a problem. And that’s why I chose keto. It brought me a sense of freedom from cravings. My blood sugar level stabilised , insulin spikes kept under control allowed me to forget about this issue. But also gave me a false sense of security.

And yes… these brownies I scoffed last night were sooo good. But apparently nothing taste as good as healthy and slim body feels.

So a note to myself… keto or not, I must always watch myself because it’s very very easy to slip into old, bad eating habits.

On a positive note… I have jumped right back on the wagon with 36 hours fast and I back in the game. Another lesson learned.

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